Charlie Hill

Partner and co-founder of Charles Marlow & Bros

Charles Marlow grew out of an opportunity to live in Deia, this magical village that I, my sister Chloe, and my brother Patrick fell in love with.

Because we’re family, we’re totally confident that the others always have our company’s wellbeing at heart. This feeling runs throughout the whole team, so we have an entire business built on trust. That means a lot to me. We also get together outside of work as often as we can and this creates an even stronger bond.

And whenever the business is faced with a challenge that might compromise what we believe in, we remember that we started Charles Marlow to change our lives. That way we can stay focused on what we truly feel and believe.

Charlie Hill on ‘The Charles Marlow Way’

Partner in Charles Marlow & Bros, Charlie Hill
Partner in Charles Marlow & Bros, Charlie Hill, at a team gathering in Ibiza, 2019

To be honest, our approach feels amazingly simple. We work with homeowners who really want to sell or rent, and we help them get the price they want. So, we don’t waste buyers’ time by taking them to homes that don’t meet their criteria or aren’t in line with current market prices.

But, of course, this straightforward approach to real estate in Deia, the West Coast of Mallorca, and subsequently also Ibiza, is only possible because we’ve worked so hard to understand the market and appreciate what our clients are looking for.

Like us, they want to live in a part of the world they’ve fallen in love with. This means that in a way they’re paying more for less – access to nature and this breathtaking landscape of mountains and sea – when bigger is usually considered better. I understand.

I like to be in nature, find new places to explore and have adventures. It’s such a gift to be only ever a short drive, cycle ride or walk away from an outstandingly beautiful beach or secret place in the mountains. I make sure never to forget how fortunate I am.

Charlie Hill on taking Charles Marlow into the future

For me, starting Charles Marlow has been a fantastic learning experience. I’ve gained a strong sense of who I really am. I’ve discovered a capacity for learning new skills I didn’t know existed. I’ve grown in confidence. All this helps me every day to inspire other team members to unlock their potential at work and beyond.

Looking ahead, we’ll remain local experts in the areas where we’re based – Deia, the West Coast of Mallorca, and Ibiza. We strive to keep learning, every day.

We have been asked to expand to other locations, but we’ll only ever do this if we can maintain the excellence of our service and our own quality of life. It’s all about having experiences that will broaden our horizons, as people and as a company.

– Charlie Hill

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