Hayley Newbury

Charles Marlow Concierge Manager

I have been visiting Mallorca for over twenty years and after having lived in other parts of the island, we fell in love with Deia when we visited while filming for a UK TV show. We settled in Deia at the start of 2016 with our two young children enjoying the local school and myself and my husband working from home. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The incredible scenery and stunning rugged coastline never fails to fascinate me and my favourite thing to do is a boat trip to see the views from the water.  

I have been to Ibiza three times every year since I was aged five as my Dad had a villa on the island. I am a huge fan of the beautiful beaches here and the lovely relaxed vibe that Ibiza brings. There is so much to see and do in Ibiza and again, I love being out on the water, it is so clear and perfect for snorkelling! My favourite beach is Cala Vadella on the West Coast, which is a small cove with beautiful clear water. The caves on the left hand side of the beach are great for exploring.

Organisation and helping people is my passion and I successfully started a concierge service in 2016, helping visitors to the islands make the best of their stay, taking care of reservations and requests, offering local knowledge and expertise. Recently, it won a price as Winner of Best Luxury Concierge 2020.

I bumped into Patrick and Charlie whilst living in Deia village and we immediately hit it off. I told them what I was offering and after a few fun brain storming sessions, I began assisting Charles Marlow clients with first class concierge services to give the best experience of the islands, with creativity and passion. 

The Charles Marlow Way in Hayley Newbury’s words

I enjoy working with Charles Marlow because we really are a team and I love being a part of that. There is always lots of support and encouragement and everyone has a say in the way things are done. We all have a voice and everyone is always open to hearing new ideas and suggestions – I enjoy being creative! There is always someone on hand to offer advice and we all have an open door for each other to help lift each other higher, as I believe that is what life is all about.

Taking Charles Marlow into the future

It is exciting thinking of the future being part of the team at Charles Marlow, I hope to give more and more rental clients an experience they will never forget on these magical islands. Charles Marlows’ vision for the future is inspiring and I look forward to working with the team forever more!

– Hayley Newbury

If you want to speak to Hayley about how Charles Marlow’s concierge business works, you can email her at concierge@charlesmarlow.com or simply hayley@charlesmarlow.com.