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Why we Love Mallorca


Why we love Mallorca

We love Mallorca for the quality of life. The weather, landscape, culture and location all combine to make this island the perfect place to live, play and also work. Thus, to understand who we are, you need to understand what Mallorca is.

West Coast of Mallorca
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A list of love for Mallorca

We have made a list of some of the reasons why we love Mallorca so much. It could be much longer. But these are the most compelling reasons as to why this is a great place to live, work and have fun.

Glorious weather

There are, on average, 3471 hours of beautiful sunshine a year here compared to just 2040 in London. Our summers begin in April and run to the end of October and, throughout the year, we enjoy countless days of clear blue skies and pleasant temperatures.

Choose your beach

The beaches of Mallorca are among the finest in the world and range from long sandy beaches to tiny, rocky coves that can only be reached by foot or boat. We have 179 beaches and 554 kilometres of coastline.

A protected landscape

Mallorca woke up early to the need to protect the environment. On the West Coast, where Charles Marlow is located, the amount of construction is carefully controlled. This means the breathtaking landscape of mountains, pine forests, olive terraces and exquisite beaches is safe from development and properties here more than maintain their value.

The great outdoors

Being able to step outside your front door and have an adventure whenever you feel like it is one of the secrets to a healthy life. With 176 kilometres of signed cycling routes and 400 kilometres of hiking routes, Mallorca is paradise for cyclists, hikers, runners and climbers.


As you’d expect, given that Mallorca is in the middle of the Med, sailing is a fundamental part of island life for many of us. There are 41 marinas across Mallorca and more than 17,000 berths for sailing and motor cruisers.

The other Balearic Islands and all the great Mediterranean destinations are within easy reach of Mallorca. Staying closer to home, there are countless exquisite beaches around the island only accessible by boat.

Eating and drinking well

Whether you’re looking for the simple pleasures of traditional Mallorquin cuisine or something a little more exotic, the island offers an abundance of dining options. We have five Michelin-starred restaurants, every kind of world cuisine and a growing number of first-rate vegetarian and vegan eateries.

Traditional produce markets all over the island offer superb locally grown fruit and vegetables and produce and visiting them is an experience in itself.

Our wine gets better all the time.

Fiestas and festivals

We’re convinced Mallorca has more holidays – fiestas and festivals – than anywhere else in Europe. This may or may not be true but there are, apparently, two fiestas a month.

From the arrival of the Three Kings on 6 January to the ultra-traditional September Fig Festival in the tiny village of Lloret de Vistalegre, Mallorca has many reasons to celebrate.


Whether it’s the funky village art and music scene in Deia or performances by international stars of all music genres who come to the island, the island has a surprising amount to offer. There are also excellent theatres tucked away in Palma.

As far as the visual arts are concerned, just about every village has a tiny gallery and there are fine art galleries showing everything from classical to contemporary art all over the island.

A rich history

The landscape and architecture of Mallorca bear the imprint of cultures that date back beyond the arrival of the Greeks and Phoenicians to the Talyotic Period of 3000 BC.

Palma itself is a truly historic city. Walk the streets around the Gothic La Seu Cathedral, in the Old Town and it’s easy to feel you’re stepping back in time.


Mallorca is roughly two hours by plane from every major European airport. It only takes 45 minutes to drive to Palma airport from Deia. With today’s high-speed communications, it’s easy to base yourself on the island and travel only when you need to.

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