Andreas Thau Loftager

Operations Manager

I came to Deia and the west coast of Mallorca in January 2018 and instantly fell in love. Coming to Deia marked a big change in my life, as I left Denmark behind; family, friends and a job as a journalist at a national tv station. But it wasn’t a difficult choice, because I knew I had an opportunity to come and work in a very special place, and create a family in the Mediterranean. Here, I could use language skills, social skills and develop new skills. And, as I would soon realise, I had an opportunity to work with very special and talented people.

It was a time of very magical moments; seeing the Deia church lit up at night for the first time, getting to know Charles Marlow’s unique selection of homes, meeting my colleagues, and not least meeting my daughter who was born later the same year.

After my introduction, I grew into the role as Rentals Manager in Mallorca, a position I had for around four years. In 2023, I took a step back to try and help the growing team be the best in can be in all our operations, which is such a privilege to me.

The Charles Marlow Way in Andreas Thau Loftager’s words

I take a lot of pride in how we try to do things at Charles Marlow. I was intrigued by the company from the moment I came across Patrick and Charlie, and it continues to amaze me how they implement and constantly reinforce values like work-life balance, sustainability, honesty, generosity and transparency into a sector which is famous – or infamous (at least in Denmark) – for doing business in a very different way.

To me, the ‘The Charles Marlow Way’ is that. No matter what we do and are up against, we don’t get diverted from that path. The end goal is to make our clients happy and enjoy both life and work while doing it. End of story. Having that common goal as a team gives us an incredible togetherness, and I believe our guests, buyers and sellers all feel that energy, and tap into it.

My background is in media, communication and translation. I’ve worked in and around those fields, meeting all kinds of people in various trades throughout my adult life. And while many of those people were certainly inspiring, I do think that I’ve found a group of people in Charles Marlow who do things in a way and with a spirit that I’ve rarely come across.

Taking Charles Marlow into the future

Since I came, so much has already happened; every department has grown enormously, and the team has doubled, and I’m proud to be working alongside new colleagues that are both great people and driven talents. I’d like to think that we grow visibly stronger as a team and unit every day.

On a personal level, whilst with Charles Marlow, I’ve had the possibility to pursuit my biggest passion outside work: Argentinian tango. Every Thursday I lead a social event and a beginner’s class in Palma, and spending my free time on what I love the most, spills a lot of positive energy into my work life.

I firmly believe that Charles Marlow is still at the beginning of the journey, though. We have buckets full of ideas, visions and initiatives, and I can’t wait to see them take off and spread throughout society and our surroundings.

In the end, it’s incredibly giving to be part of a business where each individual and the whole unit visibly grows and learns every day. Tomorrow we will become even greater experts in what we do, than we are today. And we have fun doing it.

– Andreas Thau Loftager

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Andreas Thau Loftager, Ibiza, 2019
Operations Manager Andreas Thau Loftager during a team get-together, in Ibiza 2019.