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Deia’s Soul ShepherdessNovember 14, 2015


When Deia resident and dream worker Monika Evans discovered that Robert Graves had written a book called The Meaning of Dreams it was yet another sign telling her she belongs here. (Actually, Monika lives in Llucalcari which is just up the coast but you know what I mean.)

Island of dreams

Monika first came to Mallorca in 2010 and, as she says, ‘every time I had to leave the island from then on it was if I’d left part of my soul behind’.

Two years later, Monika decided to do everything in her power to make Mallorca her permanent home. Knowing next to no-one on the island, she wasn’t quite sure how she was going to be able to stay. But she put together a vision book with photos and images of Mallorca and paid attention to her dreams.

A few months later, through a series of synchronistic events, Monika connected with long-time Deia resident Lynne Franks. ‘When I arrived at Lynne’s beautiful house,’ Monika says, ‘I realised that there were several photos of the Deia coastline in my vision book that I’d chosen before I ever came here.’

Lynne and Monika began creating Bloom Retreats and these have steadily built up an excellent reputation. Monika has lived in the Deia area ever since. For her, the most interesting aspect of her work is studying ‘how our soul communicates, which is principally through symbols we receive in dreams but also in art, poetry, music and storytelling. Sometimes I think of myself as a Soul Shepherdess.’

A rare liminal place

Monika believes that, apart from the fact that Deia is obviously breathtakingly beautiful, this is ‘one of those rare liminal places where the unseen world rubs shoulders with what we perceive as “reality”. I believe this is why it’s been home to so many creative and artistic people and to those who are sensitive to spatial and geographic energies. In Deia, many people experience intense dreams and an amplification of whatever is going on emotionally in their lives. For me and my work it’s the perfect environment. Incidentally – or perhaps not – Robert Graves, Deia’s most famous resident, wrote a book called The Meaning of Dreams which is now extremely rare.’

Becoming  a dreamer again

As you might imagine, Monika has always been interested in dreams and their meaning.  Dreams have given her clarity and guidance and sometimes changed the course of her life. When Monika discovered Robert Moss’s active dreaming method she knew she had to learn how to use it.

‘Robert’s method is very easy to learn and apply,’ she says. ‘It helps people to better understand their dreams and act on them. Active dreamers can learn to tap into the power that has enabled writers, artists, scientists and leaders throughout the centuries gain insight and wisdom. Dreaming is a channel that allows us to communicate with loved ones who’ve died. Active dreaming is also very useful in helping those who, for whatever reason, have stopped dreaming – what’s called a “dream drought”.’


Monika’s Dream Workshop – Tower of Love 29 November

For Monika, dreams are a vital part of human existence, which is why she’s offering a Dream Workshop at Matthew Clark’s increasingly popular and influential Tower of Love in Palma’s Old Town on 29 November. (In case you didn’t know, the Tower of Love is a uniquely soul-full centre for inspiring creativity and sharing a new kind of Mallorquin community spirit.)

‘Dreams are such a powerful resource and one which is often ignored or neglected,’ Monika says. ‘I really hope that this work will get people excited about dreaming and keen to appreciate all the gifts that dreams offer us every night of our lives. Once people learn ways to better understand their dreams, I’m sure they’ll be able to use that wisdom to actively improve their lives. As I have.’

Ever wanted to truly understand why you dream what you do? In a ‘dream drought’ and need to be bathed in sweet dreams again? Take yourself to the wonderful Tower of Love on 29 November.

More from Monika

Monika also offers one to one training in the Dream Method in person or via Skype, Reiki treatments and courses, Tarot Readings and ‘Create the Soul Map to your Destiny’ retreats and workshops.

I personally recommend her Tarot Readings.


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