The remarkable Cecilia Garciá Amaro at Sa Tafona, Deia 5 JuneJune 5, 2017

The painter, poet, singer and composer Cecilia Garciá Amaro will perform tonight at the Sa Tafona gallery, Belmond La Residencia at 7pm.

This is the third time that Cecilia, described by Jackie Waldren of the Deia Archaeological and Anthropological and Research Museum as a ‘remarkable painter and poet’ will have visited the village. Last year, she spent time here writing the music for her CD celebrating women and poetry. ‘The people in Deia are my friends,’ she says, ‘and the village is like a poem for me.’

From an artistic family, Cecilia Garciá Amaro was born into an artistic family in Guadalajara, Mexico. She has worked and performed all over the world, in the USA, Cuba and Europe. Although she is widely travelled, Cecilia Garciá Amaro’s art has been described as ‘capturing the warmth and feeling of her beloved Mexico’. She has become an icon in her native Mexico, where her art hangs alongside the country’s greatest muralists.

For many people, what makes Cecilia’s art so special is that ‘in her exhibitions she combines her beautiful artwork with poetic and musical interpretations…her strong yet sensitive paintings reflect a rhythm and freedom that can also be found in her music and poetry. It is truly rare to have the opportunity to read, listen to and see the expressions of an artist.’

Taking inspiration from Deia

As far as Cecilia is concerned, ‘the people, the Serra de Tramuntana, the Mediterranean colours and nature’ are an inspiration. It’s not surprising then that she will stay in Deia until early July writing poems and music for her latest project, ‘El Canto de Las Poetas So Del Alma’.

Hopefully, there will be another performance from Cecilia Garciá Amaro while she’s on the island. But, just in case, why not wander up to Sa Tafona tonight for a unique artistic experience?

Cecilia will be performing at the Mexican Embassy in Madrid on 15 June at 7pm, inaugurating her exhibition, which will run until July 6 2017.

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