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Pa Amb Oli band to rock Belmond La Residencia Friday 4 AugustAugust 2, 2017

Deia rock and roll institution, the Pa Amb Oli band will do their thing on the lawn of Belmond La Residencia on 4 August – this Friday. The band, 40 years old next year, will take the stage at around 9.30 and is set to play until midnight.

For many of us, seeing the Pa Amb Oli band adds up to more than just experiencing a band play joyous rock and roll how it should it be done – rough and ready and hell for leather. It’s also about connecting to the musical history of the village.

Read the history of the Pa Amb Oli band here.

Epitomising Deia history

As Louise Davis of Belmond La Residencia says, ‘We feel the Pa Amb Oli band epitomises much of the history of the village over almost 40 years. By inviting the band to play, we’re celebrating that history but we’re also reminding people that the hotel forms part of the village community. Belmond La Residencia is not just a building but is part of a very special location where the place and people create an atmosphere and way of life that influences everything.’

For this show, the band will be augmented by musician and artist Brendan McCann, a former Pa Amb Oli band member who has been doing his own thing for the past couple of years. Brendan is the son of Frances, whose performance of Johnny B. Goode was always a highlight of any Pa Amb Oli band performance. Frances, who was the wife of Pa Amb Oli founder member Juan Graves, left the village for her native Australia around a month ago and is sorely missed. She is, apparently, very happy in Australia – which is good to know.

It will be more than a little strange to see the band without Frances – as it was to see them without Juan – but, like all great musical institutions, Pa Amb Oli is sure to be able to rock on regardless.

So, if you want to dance the night away under the stars to old-time rock and roll as it’s always been played, the lawn of Belmond La Residencia on Friday 4 August is the place to be.

See you there.



Patrick Hill is co-founder, and co-owner, of Charles Marlow with his brother Charlie. He was the first to come from the UK to Deia to start the company. Today, Patrick continues to help set the strategic direction and splits his time between the UK and Mallorca

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