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Mallorca’s ten best hidden beaches and calasAugust 19, 2017

Mallorca, quite rightly, has earned the reputation of being one of Europe’s favourite destinations when it comes to the essential beach holiday. Although we at Charles Marlow are mostly faithful to our beloved cala in Deia, that doesn’t stop us from exploring and enjoying other secretly unique places Mallorca has to offer.

Cala Deia in the summer
Mallorca has some of the most incredible beaches in the world. Charles Marlow have villas for sale and rent in Cala Deia and other unique spots along the North West Coast of the island.



For the last fifty years, each summer millions of visitors have poured through the gates of Palma’s Son Sant Joan Airport, with the sole intention of throwing down their luggage and heading straight for the nearest strip of golden sand. However, we have always wondered what percentage of these holidaymakers then proceed to spend their next week or two lying on the beach or in their hotel or holiday rental, completely content in achieving their objective and not willing to jeopardise this accomplishment with notions of curiosity and exploration.

We certainly cannot begrudge anyone who has saved their hard earned money in order to visit this beautiful island a week of relaxation in the sun. Yet, as the curious have discovered over the years, once you leave behind the hotels and parasols, Mallorca is home to dozens of secluded coves and wild calas to rival anything found in the Caribbean or Pacific. If paying a visit to the island, of course we encourage you to relax and enjoy your surroundings. However, if the urge should take you to explore, you will be rewarded with the following hidden gems this island has to offer.

Charles Marlow’s top 10 hidden beaches and calas in Mallorca

The following beaches are not ranked in any objective or even subjective order as each one is unique and has its own individual appeal and charm. However, you certainly cannot claim to have discovered “Mallorca’s best beach” until you have taken a swim in each of these unmissable spots. Feel free to download Marlow’s Map of Mallorca to keep track of where these gems are hidden and use for your unforgettable trips around the island and don´t forget to have a look at our Deia Guidebook.

Calo des Moro
Calo d’es Moro

1) Cala d’es Moro

Located in the South East of the island, Calo d’es Moro is home to some of the clearest blue water to be found in the world. Bordered on either side by steep cliffs full of greenery and caves, the combination of colours is truly stunning. A fifteen minute drive from Santanyi followed by a ten minute walk down to the beach, this beach is worth a daytrip in itself. The space to lay towels is very limited so it is recommended to get there early in the day to avoid disappointment.


2) Cala Mondrago

Up the coast from Calo d’es Moro towards Porto Cristo you will find the Mondrago Natural Park. Eight square kilometres of protected natural beauty, the park is renowned for its bird life and a journey down its narrow pathways will lead you to another of Mallorca’s most secluded and protected beaches.



3) Formentor

Arguably not such a well-kept secret as others on this list, Formentor beach never-the-less had to feature. The drive itself up the mountainous peninsula at the island’s northern-most point is an unforgettable experience and the reward at the end of the twists and turns is a spectacular beach of long and narrow white sand and crystal waters. In the summer this beach will always be busy so again it is advisable to arrive early in the day.


Cala Deia crystal clear waters
Cala Deia

4) Cala Deia

We couldn’t produce such a list without mentioning our very own Cala Deia. A renowned celebrity hotspot, this rocky cala is home to one of the best fish restaurants on the island and glass-like clear blue water.

Snorkeling in Deia

Dreaming of Deia with artist Frances Baxter

Local Deia artist’s take on the lockdown

Holiday homes for rent in the Deia area

For more knowledge on Deia have a look at our Deia Guidebook.



Holiday Home for rent Cala Deia
This unconventional four-bedroom home was built on the hillside just above Cala Deia. Why not stay for a week next summer?



Cala Murta
Cala Murta

5) Cala Murta

On the stunning road ascending to Formentor it is easy to be captured by the views and surrounding and miss a small wooden signpost reading Cala Murta. Ten minutes before you arrive at Formentor beach itself, if you park up your car and follow a narrow pathway you will reach Cala Murta, a protected stony cala with water so clear that the yachts that choose to drop anchor seem to float in the sky. Wild goats and donkeys also often make the trek down to this beauty spot.


Cala Varques
Cala Varques

6) Cala Varques

One of the more difficult beaches to find on this list but one hundred percent worth the map reading and walking. Situated on the East Coast, Cala Varques boasts bright blue bays, a natural stone archway and possibly the best cliff-jumping spot on the island.


Sa Calobra
Sa Calobra

7) Sa Calobra

Accessible via one of the most spectacular roads you are ever likely to drive or an equally spectacular five hour hike through the Torrente de Pareis, Sa Calobra is completely different to any other beach on the island. At this spot, the Tramunatana Mountains collide with the Mediterranean Sea and the result is the breath-taking cliffs and beaches of Sa Calobra.


Cala Pi
Cala Pi

8) Cala Pi

Forty kilometres south east of Palma, located on the coast between Llucmajor and Campos, Cala Pi is a beautiful narrow inlet which leads into a secluded sandy beach. A favourite spot for small rowing boats, it is the perfect place to while away a summer afternoon.



Cala Tuent
Cala Tuent

9) Cala Tuent

Set underneath the peak of the Puig Major, Mallorca’s highest point, Cala Tuent is another spectacular example of mountains and coastline colliding. Surrounded with lush vegetation, this stony cove is well off the beaten tourist trail and the reward is a very secluded and colourful cala, a world away from the heaving resorts found in other parts of Mallorca. Cala Tuent is just a short sail from Port de Soller, however by car it will take an hour or so by windy mountain road.


Cala Llombards
Cala Llombards

10) Cala Llombards

A short drive from Santanyi, Cala Llombards is one of the local Mallorquins’ favourite beaches, and with good reason. Similar to Calo d’es Moro in many ways but slightly less remote, this sandy beach has plenty of towel space and a beach shack serving delicious cocktails. Also a good spot for cliff-jumping, this beach can easily be combined in a daytrip or “cala crawl” with Mondrago and Calo d’es Moro.


These are just a handful of the great beaches this island has to offer and we are constantly discovering new and unexpected gems as we explore. If you think we have missed a beach that should definitely make this list then please let us know!

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For more knowledge on Deia and Mallorca, have a look at our Deia Guidebook.



Patrick Hill is co-founder, and co-owner, of Charles Marlow with his brother Charlie. He was the first to come from the UK to Deia to start the company. Today, Patrick continues to help set the strategic direction and splits his time between the UK and Mallorca

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