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Valentine’s Day in Mallorca – nine alternative ways to celebrateFebruary 10, 2018

As you’d expect from somewhere that’s been christened the love island, celebrating Valentine’s Day in Mallorca can be supremely romantic. But it’s also easy to suffer imagination failure in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. So with this in mind, here are some gift ideas and experiences for celebrating Valentine’s Day on our island of lurv.

Jewellery by Carmen Ekvall

Danish jeweller Carmen Ekvall has an excellent reputation on the island for beautiful jewellery made with plenty of care and attention.

When I spoke to her, she demonstrated an admirable grasp of human psychology, explaining to me that ‘Men often have no idea how to go about how to choose the right jewellery for a woman. But a man doesn’t have to know anything about jewellery for me to be able to help him. As men know, most women want to control the gifts they’re given but they also expect to be surprised. I’ll help a man buy something for a surprise for a woman she didn’t know she wanted.’

No wonder Carmen’s loyal customers beat a path to her door when it’s Valentine’s Day in Mallorca.

Carmen offers a wide selection of high quality handmade jewellery in her Palma shop. She also makes one-off, bespoke jewellery including engagement and wedding rings.

Call Carmen on +34 681689666, email, go to her website or call into her shop at 8A Calle Costa de Santa Creu, Palma.

His and hers tattoos

There are plenty of jokes about people who’ve had a sweetheart’s name tattooed on them, convinced that this person would be the love of their life only for things not to turn out that way. But a tattoo, discreet or otherwise, is the perfect and, to my mind, supremely romantic way to profess undying love for someone. If you balk at names or other conventional love symbolism, you can always design a symbol that has personal significance for you and your partner.

At Carnivale Finest Electric Tattoo, tucked away in the Old Town at Carrer dels Hostals Nº 18, Ivan and his boys will help you create a tattoo you’ll be proud to wear for life. Does it hurt? For sure. But then love hurts if it’s worth it.

Call Ivan on +34 639 70 20 54 or contact him via the Carnivale Facebook page.

Ayurvedic massage

I’m a huge fan of ayurvedic massage. And, in Annett Levy’s Centro de Ayurveda in Palma, we’re fortunate to have one of the best ayurvedic centres anywhere in the world. An ayurvedic massage is gently powerful, supremely healing and relaxing and a perfect gift for someone who needs pampering . They’ll also smell wonderfully fragrant for at least a day afterwards

You can also check out Annett’s selection of exquisite jewellery, beautiful clothes and intriguing ayervedic lotions and potions.

Contact Annett here.

A one-off collage by Deia artist David Templeton

David Templeton’s gorgeous, evocative collages have many fans. Quite rightly. If you’d like to commission David to make a collage for a significant other or someone you’d simply like to surprise in a good kind of way, he needs copies of any photos you’d like included. He’d also like you to share anything personal and meaningful about them with him as well as details like their favourite colour and anything you think is relevant.

Contact David at or via his Facebook page.

Tarot reading by Monika

The course of true love never runs smooth, so they say, and God laughs while we make plans. But, even though we may not be able to predict the future, we can always use some guidance.

Whether they believe in the mystical power of tarot or not, a reading of the cards will make a person stop and think. Especially if the cards are being read by Monika Evans, Deia’s own soul shepherdess.

Call Monika on +34 699972334.

Playful, upmarket erotica at Lust in Palma

When you’d like to add a pinch of spice or a little extra playfulness into your erotic life – or you do but need help bringing your fantasies to life – it’s nice to know where to start. Lust, a wonderful little shop in Palma, offers a choice of high quality items that range from upmarket, state of the art sex toys to pleasantly kinky harnesses.

Lust began in Scandinavia in 1998, where it was the first shop of its kind. Its sister shop in Palma opened a few years ago. The atmosphere is friendly, welcoming and designed to put you at your ease. If you’ve never explored the universe of erotica, this is a great place to peek round the door.

Enter the galaxy of Lust here.

A romantic magical mystery tour of the island

As those of us blessed enough to live here know, ours is one of the most romantic places on earth. Why not plan a day touring the island this Valentine’s Day in Mallorca, especially if you feel it’s time to pop the question?

You could start at Cap Formentor or one of the many breathtaking beaches around the island – certain to be quiet and tranquil at this time of year – meander through the heartland, perhaps stopping for lunch at the exquisite Santi Taura in Lloseta, and be sure to be in the Old Town of Palma at dusk when it’s at its most enchanting.

Contact Santi Taura here.

Donating to charity

Instead of spending money on someone who should love you anyway, why not donate to one of the island’s charities? Or, give the money you would have spent to a person who’s less fortunate than yourself or your significant other. They’ll adore you for it.

Ignore Valentine’s Day in Mallorca altogether

After all, Valentine’s Day in Mallorca is a recent arrival. Traditionally, Mallorquins celebrated the Feast of the Virgins on Saint Ursula’s Day, October 21. This was when the lads serenaded the lasses under their windows. (Very romantic.) Today, although ‘ses verges’ is still celebrated in some island villages, it’s increasingly an excuse to get drunk and paint the town red.

However you chose to spend Valentine’s Day in Mallorca, I hope you’re bathed in oceans of love.



Patrick Hill is co-founder, and co-owner, of Charles Marlow with his brother Charlie. He was the first to come from the UK to Deia to start the company. Today, Patrick continues to help set the strategic direction and splits his time between the UK and Mallorca

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