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Spotlight #1: The Clot – Deià’s bohemian garden valleyJune 9, 2018

Every month we bring to your attention a tiny part of the wonderful West Coast of Mallorca. This month, we visit The Clot in Deià, a part of the village which, for many of us, contains the fertile essence of its unique energy.

At the moment, you hear The Clot before you see it. A torrent, or stream, of crystal clear water rushes down from the mountains and winds its way through the middle of The Clot over boulders worn smooth to the sea, chattering as it goes.

It is thanks to the torrent that The Clot is filled with such an astonishing array of different plants and trees, each contributing its own special shade of green to the beauty of the location.

Many old town houses in The Clot have lovely, secluded outdoor spaces which could be modernised – or stay exactly as they are. Like this home for sale at €820.000.

A meditative and inspirational core

From the moment you begin your journey down The Clot, turning down past the popular Holistic Centre, you embark on a moving meditation. As you go deeper, past Deià’s fascinating archeological museum, silence gently begins to descend.

Should you choose to call in, the museum is well worth a visit. Throughout the summer months, it also plays host to events that include spellbinding nights of music on the terrace.

Incidentally, according to writer and musician Tomás Graves, ‘clot’ means hole, as in the hole you’d dig to plant a tree, not a hole in the wall. Over the years, the area has offered rich soil for the creativity of many artists, writers and musicians. The legendary Daevid Allen grew exceedingly strange but surprisingly influential musical fruit at number 24 in The Clot, in what he splendidly named The Bananamoon Observatory.

Daevid was just one of the remarkable artists who found inspiration in The Clot. Today, it is still home to a number of people with connections to the music industry and the worlds of art and literature. Intriguing music often floats on the pure mountain air from mysterious sources to mix with the sounds of the torrent and of nature.

Over the years, many artists have found inspiration in The Clot and its rustic town houses.


Deià Retreats which, among other things, offers a recording studio, is based in The Clot. Its location here is certainly not a coincidence. In time, founder and owner Jane Winterbottom, herself a songwriter and sound engineer, would love to hold retreats for musicians who feel the need to reconnect with their creativity.

The Clot: A harmony of modern and rustic

As you follow the winding road ever deeper, you begin to notice tiny alleyways of polished stone cobbles. These lead to the older houses of The Clot, some of which have tastefully restored interiors. The Clot’s more rustic Deià town houses often enjoy secluded outdoor spaces, enough to create a plunge pool and a terrace or secret garden perfect for listening to birdsong and contemplating, as the English poet Andrew Marvell put it in his poem The Garden, ‘a green thought in a green shade’.

Some of the characterful town house in The Clot have been restored in a tasteful manner that both pays respect to the original build and lives up to modern day requirements. Like this €750.000 home that also features idyllic outdoor terraces.


When you reach what is almost the bottom of The Clot, you have a choice to make. Do you wander into S’Hortet, the welcoming, open and airy café and gaze up at the church on its mount high above the village while you rest a little? After all, S’Hortet offers delicious organic food and drink and you can choose between savouring your tranquil mood or falling into conversation with a new friend.

Or do you continue on to Cala Deiá, only another twenty or so minutes further down? Perhaps you do both.

Stop awhile, in this perfect spot between the Tramuntana mountains and the sea while you make your choice. Breathe deeply while you do so and be present where you are in The Clot.

Even for Deia, the greenness of The Clot is unique and gives you a feeling of living in the nature.


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Patrick Hill is co-founder, and co-owner, of Charles Marlow with his brother Charlie. He was the first to come from the UK to Deia to start the company. Today, Patrick continues to help set the strategic direction and splits his time between the UK and Mallorca

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