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Discussing the art of real estate with Charlie and Patrick of Charles MarlowJune 28, 2018

Charlie and Patrick Hill are the two brothers who created  independent real estate agency Charles Marlow five years ago. Today, Charles Marlow is the most trusted and highly regarded agency in Deià and is developing a strong presence in Ibiza.

Curious about what ‘the art of real estate’ really added up to for Charles Marlow, I decided to have a chat with Charlie and Patrick.

Before we got into our conversation, I reminded myself of what Charlie and Patrick originally wrote when Charles Marlow started. Here it is:

There is an art to everything. Whether it is decorating the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, ironing a shirt or selling a Deià home. Each can be a stand-alone work of art to be proud of, if done with the right level of passion and care.

What really interests us is the ‘what’ that makes one thing a masterpiece and something else, seemingly very similar, ordinary by comparison. It is this interest that underpins our approach to estate agency and makes us seek to master the art of every aspect of what we do so that we can deliver an exceptional service to our clients and personal growth to every member of the Charles Marlow team.

So, Charlie, what does ‘the art of real estate’ actually mean?

When we wrote that, we weren’t experts in real estate, but we were determined to learn. We wanted to find out what the art of real estate was for ourselves.

We soon realised that it was all about doing something you love and care about with so much commitment that you ultimately stand out as special. It’s also how you make a positive impact on people’s lives, the community and the wider world.

Since then, we’ve evolved into a conscious business as we’ve grown as people. I’ve personally become more and more determined to live a conscious life from my heart. This has made me increasingly aware of the impact my choices have, inevitably changing the way Charles Marlow does the real estatebusiness.

For example, when we have team meetings, we talk about how people are rather than simply how they’re doing their job. We meditate together and find the areas of the business that need more compassion and care.

That sounds lovely but what are the benefits for customers?

Charlie: It helps people enjoy their work which means they’re more likely to embody the values of the business and it strengthens relationships within the team. If people are happy and like working with each other this is communicated to the client as skill, commitment and dedication. The customer experience is simply much better.

Charlie, Patrick and the team in Deià

Also, because we don’t set unrealistic targets for our employees, they don’t need to pressurise people. Our team is more relaxed, so customers can relax and focus on taking time to find their real dream home.

How would you counter the suggestion that this is just smart business, Patrick?

The difference is that what we do can’t be faked. Our customers would see through it. We’re more aware of the impact of what we do as individuals on the world we live in than ever before and we want our company to be aligned with this awareness. We’re taking the long view because listening to our hearts feels better than being ruled by our heads. We believe that taking this approach helps us deliver a better service all round so, yes, you could call that ‘smart business’. and we care about the future of our children.

What about the community of Deià? How does Charles Marlow’s business benefit this?

Patrick: We look to benefit the community however we can.

We recommend good local people when our customers ask us about services such as managing their property. We support the Deià artists – showcasing them in our office brings their work to the attention of our customers.

We’ve found something we love doing in real estate and we want to help bring that level of joy to other people’s lives

We’ve made it our business to really learn about the village, so we can share our knowledge with our customers. The blog you write is a great example of this. We’re enormously proud that it’s become the go-to resource for many people who want to find out about the unique history of this amazing place.

And, of course, there’s our annual party in September when anyone who’d like to come is welcome to eat, drink, enjoy music and celebrate what we love about this village with us.

How do you see Deià at the moment, Charlie?

I see this as a beautiful time of transition. Deià is a small village that’s changing, like so many highly desirable places. I want Charles Marlow to play our part in integrating the old and new. I think about how people who live here and adore the place can benefit from change and how we can enable newcomers who fall in love with Deià to find a home here.

It’s important to me that people don’t only see the buildings. The truth is that they’re really being lured by the astonishing beauty of the landscape and the power that sits behind it, as we all are.

When we see Deià in relation to the gorgeous natural landscape in which the village sits, I believe we’re all far more likely to care for it.

What about the future, Patrick?

So far, we’ve laid down a foundation and been in a period of expansion. Recently, we’ve been gathering as much information as we can about how we work to enable us to refine our business and improve quality of service.

In terms of the bigger picture, we’ve found something we love doing in real estate and we want to help bring that level of joy to other people’s lives. We want to be part of creating a certain kind of great lifestyle.

Right now, we’re in Deià and Ibiza and the idea of gradually expanding across Mallorca feels natural. Wherever we go, it’s important that feel we’re having a positive impact on the local community.

Thanks Charlie and Patrick.

If you’d like to experience the Charles Marlow art of real estate for yourself, please email us at or call +34 971 636 427.


Patrick Hill is co-founder, and co-owner, of Charles Marlow with his brother Charlie. He was the first to come from the UK to Deia to start the company. Today, Patrick continues to help set the strategic direction and splits his time between the UK and Mallorca

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