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How to Pack for the Perfect Deia HolidayOctober 8, 2018

Packing for a holiday is always a bit stressful. The fear of forgetting something essential, cramming too many items, or not packing enough are common worries for many travelers before departing on vacation. After all, not packing all the things you need can ultimately compromise your plans, cost you money and waste a lot of time. But with careful planning, you can easily avoid making common packing mistakes. To help you out when planning your trip to Deia, follow these packing tips to make your Deia holiday fun and stress-free.

By Cloe Matheson

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How to choose the right travel bag

Choosing the right travel bag is an integral part of any trip. For Deia, you’ll definitely need a high-quality backpack that will serve you well on walks, hikes and beach adventures. The best travel backpacks have thick padded straps and a padded back. These put less pressure and strain on your shoulders and will keep you comfortable on long expeditions.

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Ideally, your bag should have multiple compartments to keep everything neatly organised and give you easy access to your belongings. Most importantly, your bag should be made of a water-resistant material, especially if you’re travelling to Deia in the wet season.

Look for waterproof material that is thick and waterproof, yet lightweight. Having a water-resistant bag will ensure your bag lasts over time and protects your valuable belongings inside.

Choosing the right travel bag is an integral part of any trip. For Deia, you’ll definitely need a high-quality backpack that will serve you well on walks, hikes and beach adventures.

What clothes do you need for a Deia holiday?

As with any overseas trip, you should always research the weather conditions before you start packing for your Deia holiday. Deia has a wonderful, laid-back culture, and most people find that they over-pack on trips here.

Summers are hot, so all you really need are bathing suits and a few changes of shorts, t-shirts or dresses. Going out is quite a casual affair – fancy wear isn’t necessary even in smart restaurants. When it comes to shoes, stick to flats throughout your trip to stay relaxed and comfortable. But make sure to pack quality pair of hiking boots or closed shoes for those outdoor walking adventures.

Travelling to Deia in the winter, however, can be quite different. Although the ‘January Calm’ in Mallorca often offers surprisingly high temperatures, the winter months in Mallorca are generally a bit rough, so wearing lots of layers is advisable – especially high up in the mountains.

Caring for yourself

There are several travelling essentials you’ll need to keep yourself healthy throughout your Deia trip. At the top of your packing list should be a high sun-protection-factor, waterproof sunscreen. Make sure to cover your body with sunscreen whenever you’re outside, and wear a wide-brimmed sun hat for extra protection.

Walking around in the heat can cause you to become dehydrated quite quickly, so you’ll also need to bring a reusable water bottle with you at all times. Lastly, don’t forget to bring a bottle of insect repellent. There’s nothing worse than being bitten continuously by bugs during a trip to the beach.

Clever packing methods

Figuring out the right packing techniques will save you heaps of time and make your whole trip less stressful. The key is to keep your suitcase as organised as possible and fill as much empty space as you can. To save space in your bag and prevent creasing, try rolling your clothes instead of folding them. You could also try using a set of packing cubes – these make it easier to compartmentalise your suitcase and find what you need quickly.

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Conclusion: How to pack for a Deia holiday

Once you’ve invested in the right travel bag, have done your research about Deia, and have all your travelling essentials sorted, it’s time to relax and enjoy your trip. There is so much to do in this idyllic little coastal village, so plan your itinerary and start exploring!

A good place to start is with Charles Marlow’s guide to Deia.


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