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Talking Mallorca outdoor living style and practicalities with MashambaJune 14, 2019

Mallorca outdoor living at home is all about comfort. But it’s also about extending interior design style organically onto terraces and poolside areas and into gardens. If we’re renting homes to guests, how we make our outdoors great plays a vital part in guaranteeing they only ever have happy holiday memories.

Gorgeous terrace with sea view

I asked Jennifer of Mallorca garden and terrace design specialists and Deia Olive Press regulars Mashamba for insight into what’s trending on the terraces of Mallorca this summer.

Let’s start with the basics, Jennifer. How do I make my terrace as easy to maintain as possible?

A key factor is whether it’s properly covered or not. Covered terraces give you far greater flexibility with furnishings as you’re fully protected from the elements. With open or lightly shaded terraces, you have to remove cushions and so on every day or cover them.

Be smart from the very beginning and invest in furnishings that suit your terrace. That’s the secret of Mallorca outdoor living.

How about keeping my terrace clean and safe?

Whatever’s in the immediate area around your terrace will determine how clean it is. The wonderful oak tree that gives glorious shade can also be messier than a 2-year-old. Those pine trees cloaking the mountain above you will smother your terrace in yellow pollen every February. There’s no point stressing about this. It’s all part of Mallorca outdoor living. Sweep up from time to time, settle back with a nice glass of wine and enjoy nature.

Chilling out

Be smart from the very beginning and invest in furnishings that suit your terrace. That’s the secret of Mallorca outdoor living.

That said, you can improve your lot by making sure that there’s no standing water on your property. Mosquitoes can breed in tiny amounts of water and can really affect how much time you are willing to spend outside. To make matters worse, in recent years, Mallorca has also been plagued by the tiger mosquito which has the annoying habit of being active during daytime. There are plenty of old wives’ tales about mosquito repelling plants like citronella, lemon balm or santolina but whether there’s any truth to this, I don’t know. It’s probably wise not to rely on plants to keep the mosquitoes away.

What about watering plants and gardens?

Yours to rent from Charles Marlow

Funnily enough, over watering can be far more dangerous for a garden than underwatering. Mediterranean plants are used to dry hot summers and cool wet winters. If you upset the balance and water heavily in the summer, the plants can become susceptible to fungal infections that often prove fatal. Lavender and other aromatics are particularly vulnerable. We only water aromatics for around 20 minutes per week with dripline during the summer. The goal is to keep them alive rather than try to make them look great and lush when they are usually dormant. Other plants receive significantly more water, but it’s still wise to not go OTT

And pot plants?

Minimalist plant pots

Where pots are concerned, it is equally important to take local conditions into consideration. Your home is very different environment to a British country pub so hanging baskets crammed with surfinias and other seasonal flowers won’t work here. Most of the plants that we recommend for pots are valued for their structure and evergreen qualities more than their flowers. It’s also important to choose plants that do not require frequent watering. Cycads, agaves and yuccas all survive well with just a weekly water.

What are the trends in Mallorca outdoor living right now and how can readers make sure they’re on trend?

The ‘Bohemian Paradise’ or ‘California’ trend is still going strong. Anything using bamboo, rattan and natural materials seems to be hot. But to be honest, our clients want a long-term, timeless approach for their outdoor areas. Also, to properly decorate and create a functional outdoor living area, you need to invest in the right materials, which often come with a hefty price-tag. If you’re looking for quality and something that will last for years to come, it’s a bit pointless to follow trends.

That said, the ‘Mediterranean’ trend is big this year, and this is something we can work with when it comes to Mallorca outdoor living. We’re seeing lots of pure materials like wood, raffia and rattan mixed with warm, earthy colours and lots of textures.

I’d say the best bet for those who want to feel on trend is to invest in neutral core pieces and then accessorize with the trendy decorative items that can be changed on a whim. Think decorative cushions, lanterns, candles, table settings. These are items that won’t break the bank but will allow you to feel in the moment.

Beautiful BB chairs

What are the coolest items of outdoor furniture/decoration you’re aware of for the summer?

I love all the items in the pictures, and they can be ordered through Mashamba.

Stylish, unusual Canasta chairs

How can you make the most of Mallorca outdoor living without leaving yourself with a tedious job when it comes to preparing for the winter?

It starts with having a covered outdoor living area if you possibly can. Invest in quality outdoor materials that will make your life easier. For example, cast aluminium furniture is fully weatherproof and doesn’t need to be covered in the winter. Invest in good quality storage boxes to keep in a practical location so that you can store away cushions and decorative items. These are especially useful if you don’t have enough space to store cushions inside your home during the winter months. Think about folding chairs and small folding tables that can be stored inside if you have a small terrace or balcony. Investing in good quality rain covers for the furniture for the winter months is also a must.

If you’d like to talk terraces with Jennifer or order any items in the picture email her at or call +34 663471772.

David Holzer

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