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Gaining a perspective on the Mallorca art scene with Inma Bianchi of Arte VisionOctober 28, 2020

Charles Marlow has always supported the Deià artists by promoting and showcasing their work and telling their stories. But we’re well aware that the thriving Mallorca art scene contains many interesting visual artists.

Maria Garde, who has recently chosen some some exciting new art to be showcased in the renovated and refurbished Charles Marlow office in Deià, talked to Inma Bianchi of Arte Vision, which is “dedicated to organising cultural events and promoting artists and services related to communication through art and a different lifestyle.”

Could you tell me a little about yourself and what you do, Inma?

Inma Bianchi

I was born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz but have lived in Mallorca for 35 years. My working life has developed almost entirely within the world of communication, organising events and advertising, but my passion is art.

When a Swedish friend introduced me to a friend who wanted to promote art in Mallorca, I realised how it difficult it was for artists to have a voice in the cultural marketplace. This led me to create Arte Vision.

I began to apply my professional knowledge to the cultural field, representing artists, organising exhibitions, creating new artistic proposals and introducing artists to events such as the Palma Nit de l’Art which we’ve held for the last 14 years.

This has helped many artists have a presence in the art world.

How would you describe the art scene in Mallorca in general, Inma?

At the moment it’s bleak. COVID has interrupted many projects. Large crowds of people aren’t allowed in galleries and the few exhibitions that take place are by appointment only. Many artists have chosen to showing their work in a virtual gallery, but from my point of view this way of presenting art is very impersonal and loses the essence of direct contact with the work and the artist.

How is art made in Mallorca regarded internationally?

Internationally the art made in Mallorca is very well regarded. It’s very popular. The light and magic of Mallorca transmit a special force to the artist’s eye that is perfectly reflected in their work. The biggest buyers of art in Mallorca are visitors or foreign residents.

Art connoisseurs

What kind of art is most popular with collectors?

It depends, but collectors prefer works by very well-known artists. In times of crisis they can find quite a good deal.

Who are the best-known artists on the island?

Miguel Barcelo, of course.  But there are many others that are highly relevant, including Pep Llambias, Richard Chiang, Amador, Ferrán Aguiló, Joan Costa, Daniel Codorniu, Miguel Reche, Luis Maraver, Jerony Bosch, and many more.

Who are the most interesting artists on the island in your opinion?

(Laughs) It wouldn’t be correct for me to say. I admire the art of established artists but the freshness of emerging artists, the new talents, really grabs my attention.

Which are the most interesting galleries?

Aba Art Lab, Gerhardt Braun Gallery, Xavier Fiol.

Could you recommend one or two galleries off the beaten track that are worth checking out?

They’re not properly galleries but they are art venues where Arte Vision holds exhibitions of local and international artists. For example, Hotel Saratoga in Palma, which is open all year round and the Hotel Bendinat, open from February to November, a beautiful enclave facing the sea.,

Our idea is to integrate art into spaces frequented by tourists and residents. Galleries in Mallorca usually have business hours. It’s difficult for people working within fixed hours to visit them. We like to bring art closer to people.

Stefan Lundgren’s gallery is a very interesting space that I recommend your readers visit.

How has COVID affected the art scene on the island? (Obviously, there have been fewer tourists and galleries have struggled but is there anything else?)

As I said before, the impact is obviously profound. But it’s also true that there’s a new breed of entrepreneur interested in introducing art into their businesses, premises, restaurants, hotels and so on. I’m also seeing more interest from young people who want to open art spaces, which is a really good sign.

Happier times at the art gallery

What do you feel is the immediate future for the art scene in Mallorca – the rest of this year and into 2021?

Like all sectors, it’s very uncertain. But art always finds a way to overcome difficulties. In one way or another it will always be present. After all, art is the reflection of the moment. It is communication and this will not be lost. Perhaps the way of showing at changes, but the artists will not stop creating. We will always see art.

And what do you feel is the longer-term future?

In the future, art will be more integrated into society. Having lived through the tragedy of the global pandemic, people are more open and sensitised. Art will become more of a necessity in our lives. I believe what’s on offer to us culturally will grow substantially.

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