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The Vegan Scene in Mallorca and World Vegan Day Nov 1stNovember 1, 2021

Me at a non vegan restaurant close to where I live.

The 1st of November is World Vegan Day. This month marks my sixth anniversary as a vegan. Becoming vegan has been one of the most profound changes in my life. To celebrate, I’d like to share my guide to Palma’s vegan restaurant scene.

I stopped eating Jamón serrano and Manchego cheese almost overnight. Or so it felt.

Looking back, I realise I slowly transitioned, cutting my meat consumption step by step.

I held on to queso and gambas – cheese and prawns – for way too long, until I saw an infographic about what happens in the dairy industry. That opened up my eyes to the suffering of its victims.

Reading about the effect animal-based agriculture has on the environment was my main trigger.

I tried to hold on to sea food. And then, dining with friends in Palma, someone suddenly stared up at me from my plate. The eyes of that prawn still follow me.

By then, I knew I didn’t have to eat animals to be healthy and thrive. That prawn was the last animal I knowingly ate – six years ago today.

A lot has changed on Palma’s vegan scene since then, but fortunately, we have plenty of options and they’re growing all the time.

Here’s my guide to Palma’s vegan restaurant scene. Happy World Vegan Day!

Can Elá

I was heartbroken when Bon Lloc announced it would close earlier this year.
Having opened its doors in the 1970s, It was the
oldest vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Mallorca.

But to my delight, Andrea, the chef of Bon Lloc of more than 20 years, opened her own restaurant with her daughter Elá this year, in a much nicer location and space in La Lonja, Palma.

The menu is as small as the space. But you’ll find the lovely carrot paté that was a favourite at Bon Lloc, spicy edamame and a tasty pasta carbonara. Don’t miss the delicious desserts. I’ve tried the brownie and chocolate textures which are heavenly.

I’ve taken meat eaters to Can Elá and they’ve really enjoyed dining there.

Address: C/ de la Mar, 16


Donna Vegana 

When I first moved to Mallorca 10 years ago, I lived in Santa Ponsa. I was quite broke and could rarely afford to eat out. So even if Donna Vegana had existed back then, I would probably have not known about it.

Fast forward to now, and I was really happy to find out about Donna Vegana as vegan restaurants outside Palma are scarce. Last Christmas my partner Andy and I had Christmas lunch on their terrace. We loved it. And they’re very friendly too.

Address: C/de Chopin 5, Santa Ponsa

Sabores de Sandra

Sabores de Sandra is certainly off the beaten track in Palma but, if you want to enjoy delicious food and experience a more authentic side of Palma, it’s well worth checking out. Just enter the address into Google maps and off you go. It’s still quite close to Santa Catalina.

What draws me to this place is Sandra’s genuine love of animals and dedication to great vegan cooking.

I recommend her famous lasagna. Her starters are mouthwatering but don’t order too many or they’ll have to roll you out of the restaurant. Sandra also makes her own excellent kombucha, if I remember correctly.

One day, I hope Sandra finds a better space in the middle of Palma with comfier chairs. But, along with all the fans of her restaurant, I’ll keep going back until she does.

Address: C/Emili Darder, Batle, 43

Villa Vegana

Villa Vegana has to be on any list of places to eat (and be) vegan in Mallorca.

It’s quite a way from Palma but well worth the visit. My partner and I stayed there last year to celebrate his birthday. We lounged by the pool all day, sipping on cocktails and ordering poolside snacks such as vegan pulpo a la romana – vegan fried octopus.

Being visited occasionally by the beautiful pigs that roam the property added to the wonderful vibe and the feeling that Villa Vegana is vegan paradise.

Address: Cami d’es Pedregar, Selva, Mallorca


Me, enjoying vegan paradise in my hand made dress from Sunvibes.
Breakfast at Villa Vegana.

Mama Carmen’s

Mama Carmen’s in Palma’s Old Town is the perfect place to go for a yummy breakfast, brunch or lunch.  With beautiful acai bowls, tasty pancakes, tostadas and even croissants on the menu, Mama Carmen’s is THE breakfast place in Palma.

Address: C/de Rossiñol 3a, Bajos

Other options on Palma’s vegan restaurant scene

I could mention many more places, such as Temple Natura in Palma’s Old town, or Villa Verde in Pollensa. New restaurants are popping up all the time.

I’ve yet to visit these but I’ll be updating this snapshot of Palma’s vegan restaurant scene in 2022. I’m sure there will be plenty more places to add to the list.

Do please let me know if I missed out your favourite.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for a new Golondrina to pop up. This was a lovely vegan place in Santa Catalina, with delicious food, gorgeous gin and tonics and live music now and then. Can someone open something similar, please?

If you’re just dipping your toes in vegan waters, give these places a go. We vegans won’t bite. Maybe just a little bit, if you start asking where we get our protein from. The simple answer is: the same place the cow gets hers. From plants.

Ida Carlsson

Ida has lived in Mallorca since 2011 and has been working within the world of real estate since 2012. She joined Charles Marlow in the summer of 2019 and manages anything from content to marketing for both Mallorca and Ibiza.

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