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Real estate 2022 in Mallorca: a year of business success and living the life we loveDecember 14, 2022

Sunrise in Mallorca

Maria Garde, Sales Director for Charles Marlow in Mallorca, looks back on the world of real estate 2022 in Mallorca, a year in which the business grew but concentrated its focus and her life changed.

This was the first year of our five year plan to slow down the pace of our business by focusing on exclusives on the sales side of things and offering fewer, carefully chosen homes for rent. 

All three of our sales this year, including two of our most valuable ever, were exclusives. One home sold in record-breaking time, from offer to completion.

To help us offer an even better service, Ellie Broughton joined as office manager and Melanie Reeves became our new rentals manager. 

Sa Quinta villa Deia luxury rental
An exquisite Deià luxury villa

2022 in Mallorca: focusing on exclusives

Our business has always been about enabling our clients to live the life they live while doing so ourselves. 

In 2021, we realised that the next step in mastering the art of real estate was to reduce the number of homes we had in our portfolio and only work with homes, buyers and sellers with whom we felt a real connection. In 2022 in Mallorca, we made that step.

This allows us to truly appreciate the story and character of what we offer while building deeper relationships with our clients. We spend quality time with sellers to understand what their home means to them and with buyers to grasp how they truly want to live the life they love in Mallorca.

We sit with architects and designers to understand how a particular home manifests their client’s vision and their own approach. Before we decide on a marketing strategy, we explore a home to soak up its unique energy so we can articulate that difference.

Launched in 2022 in Mallorca – a new dedicated buyer search service

This year, we soft launched our dedicated buyer search service, where members of our team take a brief from a client and search only for properties that excite our client and us.

Our dedicated buyer search service is all about understanding precisely what a client is looking for – from location to size and facilities – and meeting their requirements as exactly as possible.

Sa Cala villa for rent in Deia
Life-changing holiday experiences

Carefully curated rentals

This year, it seemed like there was more demand for homes to rent for a holiday in and around Deià than ever before. Demand for longer term lets also grew as people contemplated living and working at a distance from cities.

In our experience, finding a home to rent is one thing. Making sure it’s right for you is another.

We’ve always taken great care to do our best to find the right rental home for our clients but now we focus even more on understanding what people are looking for. Beginning in 2022, we began offering fewer homes for rent while making sure they were of the highest standard. 

To make the experience of a holiday in and around Deià as memorable as it should be, we’re also enhancing the range of curated experiences we offer.

Port terrace area in La Miranda - Port of Sóller
La Miranda in Port Soller is a wonderful home, perfect for chef-prepared sunset dinners or lunches with port views and a dip in the pool before the dessert.

A year of personal growth

The team out on a winter hike in Mallorca, living the life we love.

Refining the Charles Marlow business strategy has inevitably resulted in new challenges for me, but I know I’ve grown professionally.

In 2022, we placed even more emphasis on promoting homes using video. As a result, I’ve had to experiment with how to be comfortable being one of the faces of Charles Marlow. With the video for Can Bleda, a full property tour, I feel like I found my groove.

As the size and value of the properties we sell grows, I’m also being challenged to take my knowledge of real estate to ever greater levels. One deal in particular involved complex legal issues, Military Permits to be applied for and several live negotiations between buyers and sellers with me present.

When the deal was concluded, the buyer and seller were extremely happy with Charles Marlow and with me, I’m delighted to say. 

On a purely personal level, the highlight of my year was getting married. Apart from the wedding itself, we were able to find the right location in Mallorca and the right house for family and friends to spend time in. We spent a week with family and friends making memories that are as special to me as those of the wedding itself.

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