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Amazing Son Veri, perfect for pure privacy

If you’re keen on an active holiday, plenty of peace and tranquility and perfect temperatures and maybe staying longer than just a couple of weeks, renting a home in Deià or elsewhere on the West Coast can be the answer. There is certainly a trend towards longer winter getaways to Mallorca in 2020, explains Charles Marlow West Coast Rentals Manager Andreas.

As island aficionados know, Mallorca reveals its true self in the off-season, especially between October and December.

Our weather may be more variable, with cooler, fresher mornings and evenings, but there are plenty of days when the temperature is over 20 degrees. Ideal if you want an active holiday that involves hiking, biking and exploring the island. Or if you’re thinking about staying on the island for a while – if you can work from home, for instance.

The sea is still warm in October and often well into November and it’s crystal clear.

To be sure, there are sometimes storms but these are wonderfully dramatic in the Tramuntana mountains in which Deià sits, especially if you’re cosy and warm in front of a blazing log fire.

Villa Alconasser is a lovely house in a lovely position. Views are spectacular throughout the day and evenings. Terraces are great – especially with rain! We felt like there was lots of space, and the pool is beautiful.
– David, UK, September 2020

Christmas in Mallorca is a season of traditional fiestas and delicacies. Many of us love being able to indulge and then go for a hike in the mountains, maybe even followed by a bracing dip down at Cala Deià.

Charles Marlow Concierge delights clients

Naturally, we appreciate that no-one can predict what the travel situation will be in the coming months or what restrictions might be imposed on our movements on the island.

But, with our Charles Marlow Concierge service, you can enjoy the peace of mind you need to truly relax and make the most of off-season Mallorca.

Charles Marlow can arrange your private flight to the island, collect you at the airport and make sure you have everything you would like for a luxury private island indulgence.

Private flamenco performance at Son Veri, arranged by Charles Marlow Concierge.

For example, this summer we arranged a flamenco show for guests staying at villa Son Veri, tucked away in absolute privacy outside Valldemossa but only 15 minutes from Palma .

Other exclusive experiences include private vineyard tours purely for our clients and their guests.

A family from the UK, who “stay at the best places around the globe, so our bar is very high and admittedly we can be tricky customers,” were delighted with their stay at Ca’n Soller in August.

They told us we, and the owners of Ca’n Soller, had raised that bar.

“Due to the pandemic, our list of requests was longer than usual,” the family wrote. “Charles Marlow’s team was very professional, efficient and responsive from start to finish – they helped us select the right property, addressed all of our requests and made us feel comfortable to travel and ultimately stay in Mallorca. A special thank you to Charles Marlow Concierge who has done her absolute best to ensure we could have a fun holiday without coming much into contact with other people.”

Charles Marlow Concierge also organised yacht charters for the family that were contact-free.

The family wasn’t able to stay at their favourite hotel on the island as it was closed because of the pandemic. They were delighted when we “came up with the next best thing – a truly luxurious and very spacious property which in many cases resembled our favourite hotel – both in terms of the décor and the excellent service of the villa team.”

Hayley, who heads up Charles Marlow Concierge, is thrilled by such great feedback and, she tells me, “I’m looking forward to surprising and delighting guests wanting the perfect late summer private island experience.”

Watch this to see how we helped one guest, his wife and his friends to have a safe holiday during the pandemic.

Read what some of our other happy guests have to say in our collection of reviews.

The trend towards longer term rentals

In the past month or so, I’ve noticed that most people looking to rent a home from us, as well as owners, are turning towards longer term rentals.

Homes normally rented out for the short term are now being offered for the long and middle term at, for now, reduced rates.

Cycling above Port de Soller by Ida Carlsson

One of the reasons is that people are becoming aware that the restrictions imposed as a result of covid-19 are likely to be longer lasting than originally thought. They’ve realised that places like Deià are also far safer than the more densely populated parts of the world.

For digital nomads and anyone who works or runs their business from home, it makes total sense to enjoy the charms of Mallorca and the peace of mind that comes with being here for longer.

If you’re thinking about a longer term rental in Deià on the West Coast, there are excellent deals to be had right now that I’d love to tell you about.

Book now for 2021

The uncertainties of 2020 have resulted in many of our most popular villas being almost if not completely booked for summer 2021. This is three to six months ahead of what’s normal.

It’s because many of our clients have rescheduled their holidays from 2020.

So if you’re planning to reserve a home like RL3, Sa Llupia, Sa Tanca, Ca’n Soller or Can Miquelet, please bear in mind that they’re almost completely full in July/August 2021.

Why not get in touch with me now at or call +34 637869675 and start planning your holiday? I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed.

Calling owners

Because of the heavy demand for homes in 2021, we currently have more guests than we can accommodate. If you’re a homeowner and would like to rent your home next year, and would like to know more, please contact me.