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Unbelievable as it may seem, kids on holiday – and adults – can become a little bored with the pool or the beach. Instead of gorging on computer games, page-turners or binge-watching online TV, why not think about holiday workshops in your own home or rental with Nívola Uyá?

A brief introduction to Nívola

Nívola is a visual artist and award-winning illustrator with a bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences and a master’s in graphic design. Her work has graced advertising campaigns and magazines as well as her own books, animation, murals and graphic design.

Illustrations by Nívola have featured in over a dozen children’s picture books in English, Spanish, Catalan and Swahili. Exhibitions of her work have been held nationally and internationally in France, Ireland, Mexico and Africa.

Originally from Valencia, Nívola has lived in Mallorca for the past 10 years. Her studio in ‘paradise’ is in the beautiful Bunyola countryside at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains.

I asked Nívola about the creative workshops she offers for children and adults.

Why did you start offering workshops, Nívola?

I started in a very spontaneous way. After my first workshop for a group of teachers, every single person came to me to express their gratitude. Their eyes were shining and I realised that something beautiful had touched them all. I had been able to stimulate their creative process. The idea to develop workshops that brought out the creativity in everyone and to share the unique experience of creating art was born that day.

Are there common principles behind your workshops?

Absolutely. First, to enjoy the artistic process without focusing only on the results. Second, to experience the richness of participatory creation. Third, to promote creative freedom using mixed media. Last but not least, to cultivate environmental and social sensitivity.

What sort of creative holiday workshops for kids or adults in Deia can you offer?

My workshops are: ‘Little Artists’, ‘Illustrated Pocket Book’, ‘Art, Nature & Creativity’ and ‘Illustrated Poetry’. These workshops are designed to last for two to three hours but this depends of the age of the children.

Other workshops designed to cover more than one session are ‘Participatory children’s Picture Book’ and ‘Stop Motion Animation’.

How would you describe your workshops for adults?

My workshops combine non-traditional creativity techniques with a solid grounding in art basics and Art Nature.

For adults I offer workshops like ‘Art, Nature & Creativity’ or ‘Illustrated Poetry & Haikus’. The focus is on activating the creative part of the brain and generating a wide range of materials, often creating beauty out of chaos. We experience the magic of creating with others and feeling in harmony. These activities increase our self-esteem, passion and curiosity, and allow us to connect with the present.

What would be a good example of a holiday workshop for children with an environmental element to it? 

In ‘Introduction to Nature’s Drawing’ we experience observation, speed, memory, and the art of drawing with handmade crafted charcoal. Sometimes we also try ‘frottage’  – making art by rubbing paper against something like the bark of a tree or a rock – and using natural textures. We create natural paintings, small pieces of land art and natural mandalas.

We explore nature as a pool of resources for the visual arts: mineral and flower pigments, charcoal from wood sticks, natural ink and feathers as brushes, for instance. And we dive into Mallorca’s environment – the nature that surrounds us – to get to know it better and love it more.

How much time would someone need to give you to prepare a holiday workshop? If they called you, could you have a workshop ready the next day, for example?

The workshops will be ready for the next day, but giving them depends on my schedule.

Would you be happy to work with only one or two children?

Yes but it’s better if there’s a group of children or adults, or a family, so people can experience the synergy of working as a team. My workshops have a basic cost and then it depends on the number of people.

Do you visit Deia often?

I would love to offer creative holiday workshops for kids and adults in Deia. Deia is my refuge, where I feel happy. We usually go a weekend a year for rest and to unplug from life a little. I love the landscapes around the village and its powerful energy. Deia offers the best of the mountains and the inspiration of the sea.

I agree Nívola. It certainly does. Thank you.

If you’d like to talk to Nívola about organising creative holiday workshops for kids and adults in Deia, email her at or go to her great-looking website.