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Llucalcari, Deia.


When you’re on a viewing trip to Mallorca, no matter how well you think you know the island, we suggest you take time to relax and explore in between viewings.

Although Mallorca’s a small island, the contrasts are astonishing. You have the wildness of the Tramuntana mountains, sleepy villages in the tranquil middle of the island and a remarkable variety of beaches all the way around the coast. Then you have Palma, with its mix of international sophistication and pure Mallorcan tradition.

Even if you’re only coming for a couple of days, you should try and explore as much as you can. After all, buying a home is one thing but loving where you live is another.

These are five suggestions to help you have a smooth, relaxing viewing trip to Mallorca.

1. Stay in the location in which you’re interested

You’re coming to Mallorca to search for homes. But a major part of enjoying where you live, even if your home is an oasis of calm, is the location. 

We suggest you stay as close to the homes you’re viewing as you can and spend time just hanging out at your local beach and in the bars and restaurants getting a feel for how life is really lived here. 

In Deià, for instance, we suggest you head for Sa Fonda, the bar in the middle of the village, have an early breakfast at Sa Font Fresca and do your food and wine shopping at the two shops on the main street.

This is where you’ll meet your potential neighbours and discover just how friendly and welcoming Deià can be.

If you’re coming for a longer than a couple of days and prefer not to stay in a hotel, ask us about renting a home. Email or call +34 971 636 427.

Port de Soller bay. Photo: Ida Carlsson

2. Don’t take the upgrade!

When you pick up your hire car at the airport, you may well be offered an upgrade to a larger vehicle. Although this is tempting, you really want a smaller car to be able to navigate the twisting mountain roads around Deià as well as the narrow streets.

If you decide to drive to Palma or any of the larger towns and need to find parking, having a small car is a positive asset.

3. Make restaurant reservations before you come

Light dinner at El Bar, Deià.

It seems like there are more visitors to the island this summer than ever before, especially in Deià and Palma. Although Mallorca will be quieter if you come on a viewing trip in September, October or later, it’s still likely to be busy.

So, if you have a favourite restaurant or one with good reviews you’d like to try, book it as soon as you know the dates of your trip.

4. Remember that Mallorcan villages all have a different character

One of the great things about Mallorca is that all the villages are different, and this might influence where you choose to live. Some also change their character at different times of the year.

For example, throughout the summer, Deià is busy all day long and at night. If you like knowing there’s plenty of life on your doorstep, especially if you have children who want to make friends, this could be perfect for you.

Or, if you want to experience life in a traditional village where the cafés and bars are crowded in the morning and evenings but are quiet during the day and close early, you may well prefer the slower pace of life in Fornalutx.

Here’s our insider’s guide to Deià and nearby villages

5. Explore, explore, explore on your viewing trip to Mallorca

Ponderosa Beach in the north. Photo: Ida Carlsson.

As we began by saying, for such a small island Mallorca offers a fantastic variety of experiences.

If beaches are important to you, especially if you have children, make a point of going to the nearest one to you and those within easy reach. 

Remember, you can drive to a beach at the opposite end of the island to Deià in around an hour and have a completely different experience to spending the day down at Cala Deià.

Check out our guide to our five favourite family beaches in Mallorca.

Learn to love Palma

Make a point of spending time in Palma – a whole day if you can. We love Palma and always recommend our clients pay the city a visit. It has everything you want from a sophisticated but working capital city and you can walk everywhere. 

If you prefer not to drive to Palma, there are regular buses and a taxi service from Deià – use the phone numbers at the taxi rank outside La Residencia. Once you’re in the city, it’s best to just wander. It’s almost impossible to get lost unless you really want to.

Palma. Photo: Ida Carlsson.

Many people who visit Palma stay in the centre and perhaps stroll to Santa Catalina. That’s fine. But we suggest you head for the Old Town or away from the tourist areas. This is where you’ll find the locals and get more of a flavour of real life in Palma.

When it comes to lunch or dinner, you have an enormous choice but, once again, be sure to reserve in advance, especially in the evening.

Our current favourite places to eat in Palma are El Camino and Ombu for sophisticated tapas and Vermutería San Jaime or Bar Joan Frau in Sant Catalina market for the funkier version.

However you choose to spend your time on your viewing trip to Mallorca, we’re happy to share our insider’s knowledge with you. You might also like to make time to experience some of our favourite places on the island.