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Andreas in his element

One of the great pleasures of working in Mallorca is being able to dive into nature before or after a busy day. For Andreas, Charles Marlow Mallorca’s West Coast Rentals Manager, snorkeling is the perfect way to relax, be in nature and stay fit.

I loved snorkeling as a child but never had good gear. This year, I’ve bought myself a decent quality SeaPro snorkel and mask and I’ve fallen in love with snorkeling all over again.

For me, especially when life is particularly busy, snorkeling is meditation as much as exercise. Once I’m under the water, it’s another, silent, world and it’s beautiful.

Summer is high season for me, so I don’t have time to plan big snorkeling trips. But it’s great to know I have my gear in the car with my bathing shorts and a towel and can take off for the beach when I have a moment.

Although I especially love snorkeling on our mostly rocky north-west coast and in tiny, secluded calas, where there’s a surprising amount of sea-life to observe and the sea is calm, I snorkel anywhere I can.

Even when I snorkel on a busy beach, I’m amazed at the amount of fish and marine life swimming around the ankles of people cheerfully splashing around.

Now I’m getting into better shape and can go deeper into the ocean, which is bringing me closer and closer to a part of nature that is so strange to us two-legged creatures of terra firma.

Heading for the water at Cala Alconasser

Snorkeling has also really made me appreciate how vital it is that we protect the ocean. I’m a bit of a recycling freak and the kind of guy who will pick up a piece of plastic wherever I find it. I feel sick when I think of what we put into our oceans.

It’s great that there are inspirational initiatives like Save The Med to support. I need to feel I’m playing an active part in keeping the ocean I love clean.

The next step for me is to refresh my diving license. A friend of mine often goes on fantastic diving expeditions around the island and I’m itching to go with him. Many people have recommended training with Isurus here on the island.

Apparently, with Isurus, for just E150 you can refresh your license with just two dives with a personal instructor. Can’t wait.

Charles Marlow rentals close to the sea

Every Charles Marlow rental is not far from the sea. But some are especially close and perfect if you like to snorkel and explore the underwater beauty of the north-west coast.

Check out Villa Alconasser, Ca La Dolors or Sa Cala.

Also, literally 10 metres from the front door of Le Sophie in Port de Soller there’s a sea adventure shop where you can book gear for all kinds of water sports.