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Marc of Equip Deia is one of the people who helps Charles Marlow rental clients have a memorable holiday. The youngest of three brothers who all grew up in Deia, his family run several businesses in the village. We thought you’d like to get to know him better.

Meet Marc

What businesses do your family run, Marc?

It’s a little bit of a mix. Our family owns Es Forn Deia, the bakery in town. The bakery is very special because we bake everything here in Deia. We also do deliveries to villas and hotels. About four to five years ago we opened a bike shop right across the road that also offers bike rentals and repairs. Three years ago, we opened a coffee shop in Port de Soller and in January 2018 we opened up another bakery on the main square of Soller, also called Es Forn Deia.

Why did you decide to open Equip Deia?

I was a professional cyclist. When I stopped, I didn’t want to just work in the bakery. I wanted to do something I’m passionate about. The opportunity to open the cycling shop came up and I gave it a go.

What made you stop cycling professionally?

Actually, one of my older brothers and I were both professional – him for 15 years and me for 4. He was the better one (laughs). We both decided to stop and help our parents in the bakery because they’ve been running it for almost 40 years. We realised they needed our help.

Do you remember the first time you discovered your passion for cycling?

My older brother started cycling when he was 11. I remember watching races when I was about five. I’ve had a relationship with cycling ever since.

What was it like growing up in Deia?

We were always outside, playing on the street, riding our bikes while our mum was working in the bakery. There wasn’t as much traffic as there is now, so we were safe.

What is the difference between Deia then and now?

I was talking with my brothers about this just the other day. We think there were more people in Deia back then but it really didn’t feel that way. Also, while Deia is still a great place for children to grow up, back then it was a lot safer.

You help a lot of Charles Marlow clients who come to rent a villa around here to have a great holiday. What tends to be their favourite activity besides cycling?

People really love hiking. There are many different types of hikes at all levels of difficulty. The terrain around Deia is very difficult for cycling but if somebody without experience wants to try it, we have electric bikes that do almost all the work for you. Some people also want to try rock climbing or canyoning – a cross between climbing and coasteering. You can only do this when there’s water in the streams and rivers, so the best time is spring and late autumn.

But, really, we can help arrange any kind of outdoor activity Charles Marlow clients would like to try.

Book your bike or outdoor experience with Marc here. Follow Equip Deia on Instagram.

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