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As we tap dance closer to Christmas, I always think that Deia takes on some of the charm of an Alpine village. Much warmer, of course, and empty of people in bright yellow skiwear eating fondue but you know what I mean. This perhaps peculiar association always makes Deia feel nicely Christmassy for me, whereas Palma never seems quite Yuleish enough.

This December, the Ajuntament de Deia has put together a month of events that should make the village a wonderful place. Here’s a taste of what’s on offer.

On Saturday 5th at 1800 there’s a free play for children at Sa Tanca. To my everlasting shame, I can’t speak Catalan, but through the magic of Google translate I can tell you that it’s something to do with cuckoos, flowers and magic.

From 11 to 1800 on Saturday 6th, there’s a Christmas Market at Sa Tanca organised by the Deia association of artisans, where there’ll be plenty of satisfyingly unshiny unplastic gifts to invest in.

The Deia Christmas tree will be adorned at 10.30 on December 9th and the village’s Christmas lights will be switched on at 18.30 on the 10th. Our source in the mayor’s office tells us that something special is planned for this year. We’re used to more than our fair share of celebrities hiding out in the village so perhaps the lights will be switched on by a Hollywood legend.

There will be a concert of Christmas music at Sa Tanca at 12.30 on December 19th and another of Christmas carols performed by the children from l’Escola Pública de Robert Graves at 1700 on the 21st, also at Sa Tanca.

On Christmas Eve on 1800, mass will be held at the church and there will be a New Year’s celebration starting at 2300 at Parking de Can Roig in the middle of the village.

Eat your heart out London, Paris, Berlin, New York etc.