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Deià is an artists’ village. Therefore, since we opened Charles Marlow’s Deià office it’s been important for us to grace our walls with local art. Here’s an insight into what we exhibit.

Not only is Deia a village of masterful villas, mountain views second to none, luxurious dining and summer socialising; more than anything it is a hub of creativity. Hand-crafted, formed, painted, cut, knitted, designed, played, composed art.

Throughout the year – especially in season – the village offers a great variety of exhibitions, of both established and up-coming artists, some of whom even offer workshops once in a while. Indeed, since the 1960s, Deià’s idyllic Tramuntana mountain range has been a secret badly kept, and of all people the artists seem to love it the most.

A sneak peak into Charles Marlow’s office art

At Charles Marlow we wish to support the local community in any way we can, so it’s only natural that we showcase several fine pieces of local art in our office – all of which are for sale. Drop by the office any time for a chat and a cup of tea or coffee, to escape the heat and take in a little artistic inspiration while you’re at it!

Here are a few examples of what you might see if you come and visit us.

Painting by Arthur "Arturo" Rhodes in Charles Marlow's office in Deia.
Arthur Rhodes has two paintings exhibited in our Deia office.

One of our friends, Arthur “Arturo” Rhodes, has two of his stunning surrealist paintings hanging with us. His work sometimes has a symbolist touch and is always charming and expressive of his unique sense of humour. Indeed, in the book Deya Heydays, Oona Lind Napier and Jackie Waldren describe his work as having:

“… connections to symbolism and the art of the past. He paints in the glaze technique of the old masters transposing the classical oil techniques to modern acrylic colours.”

Galeria Sa Tafona in Hotel La Residencia is currently hosting an Arturo Rhodes exhibition just across the street – so why not visit us both?

Painting by Matthias Durhssen in the Charles Marlow office in Deia
Painting by resident Deia artist Matthias Durhssen.

Another good friend of ours who lives in The Clot – a part of Deia we recently wrote about – is Matthias Durhssen. Working from his home art studio, he produces wonderful pieces with endless detail. Again, in Deya Heydays the authors describe Mathias’s unique and intriguing work process:

“Using images of the cosmos, the painting is created by a series of thin layers of paint, erasing all traces of brushstroke, in a clear sequential process similar to printing.”

Indeed, Mathias’s artistic compositions takes us into the stars.

Brendan McCann painting in Charles Marlow's office in Deia
Painting by musician Brendan McCann.

A completely different style is represented in the office by the work of Australian multi-talented artist, Brendan McCann. As well as being a sublime guitarist, Brendan himself describes his approach to painting in Deya Heydays:

“I feel that having a balance of formal musical study and self-taught visual art skills gives me a unique insight into the relationship between art and music – melody and line, harmony and colour, composition and form.”

Frankly, it’s hard to stop looking at these wonderful forms and colours when at work.

Much more than what you see here – and a little “art draw”

Other local artists showcased in the Charles Marlow office are: Cecilie Sheridan, Stephanie Moog, David Templeton, Leila Ward and Montse Palomo. Individually, we all have our personal favourites, and so will you. So, don’t think you’ve seen it all – this was just a taste.

Secret painting
This painting is made by an in-house artist from the Charles Marlow team. Guess who, and you will be in the draw to win a very special prize!

We also have an artist among us in the Charles Marlow family whose painting is currently adorning the office.

If you can guess which member of our team painted the portrait on the left, you could win a personally signed Haruki Murakami-inspired 2019 calendar hand-made by this very person! So, have a hard think and email us, send a Facebook message or drop by the office to deliver your guess! On 1st August we will draw the winner.

Also, on 18th August, the recently published Deya Heydays on Deia’s artists from 1960-2000 is launched at the Belmond La Residencia, don’t miss it!