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More and more people are asking us about renting a home for longer than just a week or so. Our exciting new One Month + option is meeting that demand.

One Month + offers homes to people looking to stay longer and experience more of Mallorca. We have a portfolio of longer-term rentals to choose from, depending on your needs. 

You can stay as long as you like or as long as you’re allowed to. If your home country is outside the EU, you can stay for 90 days in 180

‘We’re excited to launch One Month +,’ says Rentals Manager Sarah Kinnisburgh. ‘Now our clients have the opportunity to delve deeper into island life.’

She adds, ‘You can also do things like explore the island’s hidden beaches. Places you’ve never before had time to explore. You can wander our fantastic local markets, source local produce, experiment with island recipes, visit places that have always intrigued you and really experience the rich culture of Mallorca. The island is now yours to discover. All while running your business or following your career path.’

The origins of One Month +

Ever since Charles Marlow opened its doors almost 10 years ago, we’ve helped people who want to work from anywhere find homes to rent in and around Deià

Up until recently, these were mainly individuals, often creative people. They’d experienced the North-West Coast’s combination of natural beauty, a peaceful, bohemian vibe.  The convenience of having Palma, a city with everything you need for a contemporary lifestyle, a short drive away appealed. They also liked the fact that all the European cities are around a couple of hours away by plane. The Spanish mainland is under an hour.

When COVID-19 hit, we began to see the rise of what travel guide experts Lonely Planet calls the ‘anywhere worker’. 

In an article dated May 2022, Lonely Planet said, ‘the jump to remote work for many during the pandemic removed geographical barriers and provided greater flexibility in how and where we do our jobs; ushering in…the anywhere worker.’

Anywhere workers are people who, as the article says, enjoy ‘staying put in new destinations for longer to better experience local culture’.

Post Covid, they’re often wanting to escape city life.

The new breed of anywhere workers

Quoted in an article on the phenomenon in The Times, Mandy Saven, consumer lifestyle director at British trend analysis firm Stylus, said ‘The work-from-anywhere revolution has empowered swathes of workers to be more location independent…it has now extended to those with part or even full-time “traditional” jobs. We’re seeing some of these…integrate their friends, family and even pets into their new fluid way of living.’

The new breed of anywhere workers, The Times explained, may maintain ‘solid professional link with a home city or commercial hub, while enjoying the everyday beauty and vitality of the type of holiday destinations most of us can only visit for a week or two.’

Destinations such as the north-west coast of Mallorca.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many countries have responded to the rise in this phenomenon by introducing special visas for anywhere workers. More than 50 now offer short-term working visas for people looking to work anywhere. Spain, one of the most popular destinations, is among them.

Spain’s anywhere worker visa

Spain’s anywhere worker visa was approved by the Spanish parliament in November 2022. It’s part of the Startup Act, designed to attract entrepreneurs, benefit this country’s tech sector and help Spain recover from the economic devastation of COVID-19.

Before the visa was launched, Spain’s Economic Affairs Minister Nadia Calviño said the country was hoping to “attract and retain international and national talents by helping remote workers…set up in Spain.”

Under the terms of the new visa, non-EU nationals who work remotely for non-Spanish companies can live and work in Spain for up to for five years. They can also receive a maximum of 20% of their income from Spanish companies.

Anywhere workers wanting to stay longer in Deià and experience more of the North-West Coast’s majestic charms are now in a better position to do so than ever before.

The benefits of One Month + in and around Deià

As more and more people are discovering, this is the perfect location to not just take a time out. It also inspires great ideas.

You have the mountains and sea on your doorstep. Which means taking a break from work could mean cycling down to Cala Deià and a dip in the sea. 

Deià is much loved for its community of welcoming, friendly locals and cosmopolitan creative characters. A coffee break in one of the cafés could well lead to a stimulating conversation and new friendships.

If your practice is important to you, we highly recommend yoga at Mountain Wellness and Pilates at Art Pilates Deià, both on your doorstep when you’re living in the village. In Sollér, you’ll find S’espai 6

There’s also an abundance of world class wellness professionals, yoga and Pilates teachers in and around Deià. 

Palma and beyond

Palma, with its eclectic choice of shops, restaurants and bars is under an hour away by car, taxi, or bus. The city is compact enough for you to get to know easily and large enough to have an adventure.

Based in and around Deià, you’re ideally located to explore Mallorca. Starting with nearby Valldemossa and Sollér before heading further afield. For instance, into the green heart of the island. 

One of the great things about Mallorca is you can drive anywhere you want to, including down to the very different south coast in not more than an hour. You’ll also be amazed at how much the landscape changes for such a small island. 

If you have children, Mallorca’s international schools, from kindergarten to college, are excellent. English is the lingua franca in international schools and throughout the service industry on the island.

As Sarah says, ‘Now you have the One Month + option there’s nothing stopping you from staying longer and experiencing more of Mallorca.’

To find out more about how Charles Marlow’s revolutionary One Month + initiative could change the way you live and work, please get in touch with