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An ambitious new Mythology Park set to open in just outside Deia in spring 2017 will offer visitors the opportunity to experience the Greek myths in a unique setting.

Situated directly below beautiful Son Marroig, the state of the art theme park is the brainchild of the Tereus consortium headed by Chinese entrepreneur Shuo Huang Jer. It will feature hourly recreations of famous Greek myths including the twelve labours of Hercules, the battle between Hector and Achilles, Odysseus’s encounter with the Sirens, Perseus slaying Medusa and Orpheus in the underworld. The reenactment of the flight of Pegasus to Mount Olympus will be particularly impressive.

Bringing literature to life

Leisure industry experts are quick to express their admiration for the way in which the Tereus consortium – motto ‘Bringing literature to life’ – is revolutionising the way the classics are regarded.

Juan Mentiroso, a spokesman for the consortium said “Literary tourism is a growing industry. We did our homework before targeting Deia and we’re convinced there’s a gap in the market for tourists who want all the fun of Magaluf but with an educational aspect.  There will be nothing anywhere in the world like the roller coaster running down from Son Marroig to Sa Foradada, through the hole and back up again. It will be lit up at night and visible from Barcelona.”


Brushing away the potential concerns of nervous residents, Mentiroso added “It’s true that we’re anticipating several thousand visitors a day, which means a considerable investment in things like car parking and visitor rest rooms. But, while we’re putting these in place, we’re confident the people of Deia will see the benefits of having our visitors as guests in the village. There will be shuttle buses from the village to the theme park every ten minutes so we don’t see congestion being a problem.”

Are you Hercules?

Apart from plenty of visitors, one of the ways in which the new Mythology Park will benefit Deia is by offering employment to the village’s inhabitants.

“We will need people to play Hercules, Odysseus, the Sirens and all the rest,” Mentiroso says. “Deia is filled with artistic types, musicians and poets and, as we all know, this can be a precarious way of making a living. So we’re confident we’ll find plenty of people who appreciate the opportunity to learn ancient Greek and swordfighting in a healthy outdoor environment.”

We will be reporting regularly on the progress of the Mythology Park here and alerting the artists and musicians of Deia to employment opportunities as they arise.

Mythology Park post illustration

Thanks to and the mighty Paul Cemmick for the splendid illustration.


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