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Now that high summer is upon us, the casual visitor to Deià could be forgiven for thinking that all the village has to offer is restaurants and not enough parking. But nothing could be further from the truth. Two events taking place on Saturday 9 July reflect the other Deiá – the Deià that celebrates creative expression and worships the beautiful landscape in which the village sits.

The Festival Posidonia Mallorca

The free Festival took place in Deiá for the first time last year and was a great success. Around 1500 people took part and the event received healthy media coverage.

Posidonia refers to the seagrass – also known as Neptune’s Grass – that forms underwater prairies and meadows along the rocky coast on which Cala Deià sits. It’s an important part of the Mediterranean eco-system and provides a nursery for fish. If a posidonia prairie is destroyed, it takes 600 years for it grow again.

Today, with the Mediterranean posidonia prairies increasingly under threat, the Posidonia Festival movement, which started in Formentera in 2008, exists to raise awareness of the problem. And creative expression plays a key part.

Among the highlights of Saturday’s programme of workshops and events, beginning with open yoga on the beach at 8AM, is a Wake Up Dance session with Deià’s own DJ Nin Petit. Since it launched a couple of years ago, Wake Up Dance has become a movement in itself, attracting more and more dancers.

If you care about Deià and its environment, sending out positive dance vibes has got to be one of the most fun ways of showing your support. It’s hard to beat the joy of dancing your ass off at a time when you might normally be looking blearily at your first coffee of the morning. And your fellow-dancers will be among the most smiley, welcoming people you’re ever going to meet.


Open mic at S’Hortet Saturday 9 July.

One of the great pleasures of my life was reading my own Deià-inspired poetry to an audience of friends and supporters down at S’Hortet. At one point I looked up, saw the church illuminated against the clear night sky and felt a little overawed.

As you might imagine, Deiá has more than its fair share of poetic and literary inclined people who will no doubt make the most of their five minutes of glory at S’Hortet. I certainly did. So, if you want to take part, make sure you get to there in good time to sign up as a performer. If you only want to watch, it’s still a good idea give yourself enough time to find a suit. Because S’Hortet is tucked away down the Clot, you also need to allow yourself an extra fifteen or so minutes to walk there.

The Open Mic itself kicks off at 8.30.

Creative activism and Deiá

For so many of us who love Deiá, the connection between creativity and activism is an important one. Although it may not have been as overt as it is today, it’s been there certainly ever since the first waves of outsiders came to the village and wanted to preserve its charms. Even if they may have sometimes been feeding a fantasy that had not that much to do with the realities of Mallorquin village life.

Today, the village is searching for ways to accommodate the tourism which is inevitable while doing more than just preserve the physical fabric of the place. We need to maintain and nurture the magic that makes Deià so special together.

And Saturday 9 July is a perfect day for it.