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Charlie Hill. Photo Ida Carlsson.

Here in Mallorca, we’ve been enjoying bright, sunny weather ever since the beginning of January. Judging by Mallorca real estate trends, the outlook also looks bright for 2022.

At the end of 2021, we were able to look back on our best year ever. And it wasn’t just Charles Marlow that had an amazing year, people we work with such as lawyers who specialise in real estate reported that 2021 was their busiest for many, many years.

As 2021 ended, we felt reasonably confident that 2022 would be off to a good start.

We were taken by surprise. In a good way. The first viewing of the year done by my colleague Maria Garde, Sales Director at Charles Marlow Mallorca, resulted in an offer on the property. I would say that gives a good idea of the nature of Mallorca real estate trends and the mood of prospective buyers right now: bullish.

In 2021, early adopters moved fast to secure the home of their dreams in Mallorca. We saw record numbers of sales in the super prime 8-digit end of the market. Now it’s clear that more and more people are learning from their example.

The natural beauty of Deià

Quality of life is the key

If you’ve spent any time in Mallorca, especially The West Coast, you’ll know that the quality of life here is outstanding. Add to this the fact that Mallorca offers the perfect combination of timeless values and contemporary convenience, and it’s easy to see why the market is so strong here.

At Charles Marlow, we’re committed to doing everything we can to maintain that quality of life for our clients, friends and, of course, ourselves.

For example, we’re super-aware that Deià is still fundamentally a tiny village with a laidback, connected, artistic community. That’s why we do everything we can to support Deià artists and intend to do more. By the end of the year, we hope to have launched a not-for-profit website to promote the work of the artists we love so much.

We want to help inspire the next wave of young artists to spend creative time in the village.

Soller and beyond

Towards the end of 2021, we began to receive more enquiries from people interested in buying in Soller. As a result, we started to take a closer look at the market in Soller ourselves.

If you’ve been to Soller, you’ll know that it’s made up of the town and the port.

Soller town is, for the most part, traditional and tranquil while the port is lively and fun, with a growing number of intriguing restaurants, bars and shops. Soller port also has a lovely, wide and sandy beach that’s safe for young children. Even if you live on the island year-round, a trip to Soller port always feels like a real day out.

The challenge is finding properties that meet our exacting standards and those of our clients, but we’re strengthening our presence and building our network.

Mallorca real estate trends: a wonderful time for sellers

In 2021, demand for properties considerably exceeded supply and all the signs are that this is going to be the same for 2022 and probably beyond.

As anyone who has placed their home with us to sell will know, we have high standards. This is of enormous value to sellers who benefit from the growing trust in our name. When we say we’re mastering the art of real estate, that really means that we’re constantly working to become better: more knowledgeable about Mallorca, more attuned to what our clients – sellers and buyers – are looking for, and more expert.

We’re also doing more to help sellers who choose Charles Marlow. As well as listing properties on our website and promoting them in the key markets, in 2021 we made more films than ever before to bring houses to life for potential buyers. That included adding Hector Piñol to our growing team of people who love real estate and helping others. As far as we know. he’s the only person in the entire Balearics who shoots fly-through drone footage.

That’s just one innovative way we offer our sellers the best possible showcase for their home.

Now is a great time to sell, especially if it’s with us. The only challenge will be finding an equally beautiful home if you want to stay on the island.

mallorcan west coast landscape

Respectful rentals and being kind to the island

Thanks to the great work of our rentals team and the homeowners with whom they have extra-strong relationships, renting in Mallorca with Charles Marlow is, though I say it myself, a superlative experience.

So much so that our rental properties are pretty much fully booked for 2022 already.

Our goal is to offer the best possible rental experience on the island but we’re also careful to balance an incredible experience with respect for Mallorca’s environment. We’re asking homeowners to use water filters, which removes the need for plastic bottles, and inviting them to bulk buy essentials such as soap to reduce the amount of packaging they and their guests use.

This is all progress towards our goal of being able to offer rental clients an experience that isn’t just luxurious but also kind to the island.

Sharing my biggest Mallorca real estate trends takeaway with you

Last year, we helped so many people who decided to just do it: to come to Mallorca and see if they could find their dream home.

Many of them found what they were looking for and began living a life they truly love. Apart from helping them find their dream home, we shared our knowledge of what life in Deià and Mallorca is really all about.

It made us feel fantastic. Perhaps now’s the time to ask us how we can help you start living the life you love too.