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For such a tiny village, there’s certainly a remarkable range of restaurants in Deià — around 20 at last count. While I would cheerfully admit to being a foodie, even I haven’t tasted what’s on offer in many of the restaurants in the village. 

Before I begin, there’s one golden rule I’d strongly suggest you follow when it comes to making the most of restaurants in Deià.

Book a table well in advance of your visit, especially if you’re coming at the height of the summer. For the most popular restaurants such as Ca’s Patró March down at Cala Deià I’d give yourself at least a month if not more. 

Lunch at Cala Deià — a tip

Ca’s Patró March was made famous by BBC series The Night Manager. Enjoying a long lunch of locally caught fresh fish and perfectly chilled Mallorcan white wine there may well be on your list of things to do in Deià. If so, bear in mind that you’ll need to think about booking a table as soon as the restaurant opens at the end of March.

Cala Deià with its two restaurants Cas Patro March and Can Lluc

It’s worth remembering that the other restaurant on the beach, Can Lluc, serves a similar menu and it’s far easier to reserve a place here.

If you are planning on having lunch down at the Cala in the summer, you should also think about parking. It gets insanely busy and there’s nothing worse than driving all the way down only discover you’ve nowhere to park. 

I’d suggest that you either take a taxi to the Cala and back or have someone drop you off and pick you up.

Although it’s obviously a treat to eat down at the Cala, there are plenty of restaurants in Deià to try without leaving the heart of the village.

What follows are some suggestions of restaurants I know and love that you might like to try.

Breakfast in Deià

Breakfast view from the top terrace of Sa Font Fresca

Whether you’re on holiday in Deià or fortunate enough to live here, one of the nicest ways to start your day is on the terrace of Sa Font Fresca. This may be one of few restaurants in the village open all year round, if not the only one.

The menu at Sa Font Fresca is Spanish and simple and no less delicious for that. But the view down the valley has to be one of the best in the world. And there’s a wonderfully relaxed feel to the place.

That person on the table next to yours tucking into pan con tomate — bread and tomato — could be the local policeman or a famous actor enjoying Deià’s ‘seen ‘em all’ attitude to celebrity.


S’Hortet with a breathtaking Tramuntana backdrop

When it comes to lunch you really are spoilt for choice. You might be tempted by one of the restaurants or bars on the main street and that would be a wise move. 

But, if I may, I’d like to suggest you stroll to S’Hortet, down the Clot which is to the right as you head out of the village towards Valledemossa. This Deià family run café is spacious and airy and offers a wide range of healthy food including vegan options, juices and smoothies.

The view up to the church from the shaded garden is wonderful and adds to the sense that you’re in a secluded green oasis. 

In the summer, there’s often live music at S’Hortet by local artists having fun at open mic nights and jam sessions.

An afternoon merienda

Central location of Es Punt

Many Mallorcan people follow the Spanish tradition of eating five times a day. One of these is a snack such as tapas around midday, before lunch at three. They’ll also have another snack, or merienda, around five or six. 

A typical merienda might be a slice of cake — Gatò de Almendra (traditional island almond cake) for example. 

I often meet friends in the village at Es Punt on the main street for a piece of cake and a cup of coffee. They usually have moist, delicious almond cake on the menu. On a hot day, it’s cool and shaded on the terrace and even cooler inside.

Digestifs at Sa Fonda

I’ll pass on suggesting restaurants in Deià in which to have dinner. There are just so many and they’re all great in their way.

But I will recommend that you climb the stairs to village institution Sa Fonda for a nightcap when you’ve dined at the restaurant of your choice. 

For me, there’s nothing more enjoyable, more quintessentially Deià if you like, than sitting on Sa Fonda’s terrace under the stars on a warm night, perhaps listening to music made by a local performer or a DJ.

Maybe I’ll see you there.