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An art exhibition by Australian artist Belinda Thomas opens at 1700 25 June at Es Poxo 23, near Deià’s central car park and run until 1 July. Belinda will donate all proceeds to SOS-Animal-Mallorca.

Belinda, will preside over the exhibition, intriguingly entitled Cancion de los siete sentidos (Song of seven senses). Her work encompasses many art disciplines including painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography and installation. She has won several prizes for her work in ceramics and photography.

A colourful Deià inspired landscape by Belinda Thomas

‘I’m fascinated,’ Belinda told me, ‘by memory — actual and altered — as a metaphor for the human condition’.

Belinda and her husband have strong connections to Mallorca. They have renovated a house here in Deià. ‘We’re mesmerised by the culture of the island,’ Belinda said. ‘The dramatic land forms and human interventions, the seen and unseen forces pulsing within, inspire me strongly.’

At her other home in Tasmania, Australia, Belinda enjoys reading our blog and staying connected to Deià.

Donating to SOS-Animal-Mallorca

Belinda decided to donate all the proceeds from her Cancion de los siete sentidos exhibition to SOS Animal Mallorca. ‘I’m passionate about animal welfare and want to help such a worthy cause,’ she said.

A group of Spanish and foreign nationals on the island started SOS-Animal-Mallorca 1995. They were profoundly affected by the cruelty, neglect and lack of understanding with regard to domestic animals that existed here at that time. Today, SOS-Animal-Mallorca is a recognised ambassador for animal rights and protection.