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August is usually the time when sales enquiries at Charles Marlow heat up and this year is no exception. It may be even a little busier than ever before. I spoke to Maria Garde, Charles Marlow’s West Coast Sales Director, about why so many people choose August to start thinking about homes in Deia.

Of course, it has a lot to do with the number of people coming on holiday at this time of year who simply fall in love with the village and wonder about the possibility of living here,’ Maria tells me. ‘But there’s also the fact that we’re directly opposite Belmond La Residencia and we have the longest opening hours in Deia, from 9.30am to 8pm.

Maria Garde, Charles Marlow West Coast Sales Director
Maria Garde, West Coast Sales Director

We love it when people drop in for a chat about homes in Deia or rental opportunities and we’re happy to share our knowledge of the village.’

And do people buy in August? ‘They do but it’s often more about introducing them to potential homes in Deia and offering them an understanding of the market here.’

Homes in Deia – now trending

In Maria’s experience, the market for homes in Deia is slightly different every year and this year is no exception. ‘There has always been a fantastic variety of nationalities visiting and buying in Deia, which is one of the things that makes the place so special. In the last couple of years there’s been increased interest from the Scandinavian community along the West Coast. Now we’re seeing more British enquiries,’ she explains. ‘There are also more Danish people coming to the village.’

What about the amount people are prepared to pay for homes in Deia? ‘It’s increasing. Before, people were looking to spend between 500,000 to a million euros. Now it’s about bigger budgets, which offers buyers more opportunities.’

Every year the market for homes in Deia is slightly different and this year is no exception.

I wondered how much home €1.5 million would get me. ‘For that you’d be able to afford a home on urbanised land just outside the village with sea and sunset views.  Urbanised land is land which has permission to build on it. We do have a home in Son Coll for €1.5 million with sea, sunset views and pool. If you wanted to be in the village, that would buy you a three-bedroom terraced house with nice views.’

And if I wanted a pool? ‘Homes in Deia with pools are not so easy to come by so you’d expect to pay anything from around €2 million upwards, although there are exceptions. We have a beautiful four-bedroom home on offer down in the Clot with a pool for €2.25 million. And, don’t forget, we also have some homes that we don’t put online so it’s always worth getting in touch with us directly.’

Characterful and charming town house in Deia with a pool.
A characterful and charming town house in Deia with a pool on the market for €2.25 million.


I had one last question for Maria. How does she feel about being so busy at a time when everyone else is chilling out in the glorious sunshine? ‘It’s great fun. I love being busy and the summer seems to fly by. It’s also really lovely when previous buyers or people who’ve rented from us before drop into the office to say hello. We’re really proud of the fact that our relationships with people don’t just end when we’ve helped them find their dream home or perfect rental.’

Maria’s top tips for viewing homes in Mallorca’s mountains

Maria’s insider knowledge of the market for homes in Deia is second to none so it makes sense to pick her brains a little. Here are her top tips when it comes to looking for a dream home in Deia:

  1. Prepare for the viewings in good time
    The more time you give us to arrange viewings the better. That way we can make sure we can access all the homes you’re interested in and work around any possible rentals.
  2. Go for morning viewings in the summer
    It’s best to view properties as early in the morning as possible in the summertime, when it’s often very hot. If you have several houses to view, it’s a good idea to split viewings between two mornings so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  3. Have a long chat with a market expert first
    If it’s your first or second time on the island but you just have that feeling that you would love a home here, I’d always recommend we start by sitting down and having a chat about what you’re looking for and what each area of the island can offer you. We learn so much from this initial conversation and it can help in creating the right selection of homes for you to view. Each village along the West Coast is different and offers a different lifestyle.
  4. Come to viewings with an open mind
    We have such a diverse selection of homes and every one of them is unique, which is what is so fantastic about the West Coast. Some of our homes are ready to move into. Others require some TLC. These are older houses that may have been neglected over the years. But we’ve seen our clients make some incredible transformations working with local architects and craftsmen. We’re always here to help and guide you to choose the best professionals in the area and take any stress away from creating your dream home.
  5. Prepare for a possible second viewing
    Try to factor in time for a possible second viewing. If you find that special home that lingers in your mind, it’s always great to allow a day or so after the initial viewing to weigh up the pros and cons at dinner and go back with a fresh pair of eyes the following day.
  6. View in early autumn
    It’s great to get a feel for what’s on offer in the summer but it makes most sense to book viewings towards the end of the summer, from late September to early November. That way you can see what life in the village is like when things calm down. It’s also much easier to arrange viewings because homes are less likely to be occupied.

If you’d like to chat with Maria about what we have on offer, on or offline, or talk to Charles Marlow about rental opportunities call 0034 971 636 427 or email