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Locations / Deia

Locations / Deia



The Mountain Village of Deia

The mountain village of Deia lies in the heart of the UNESCO protected Tramuntana mountain range, mid-way along The North West Coast of Mallorca, and approximately 28km from the capital Palma. Homes here are stone cladded with the village’s artistic and bohemian vibes often injected into many of the historic fincas and townhouses. The rustic stone features blend in nicely with the surrounding greenery that naturally creeps into every garden. At the bottom of this page you can hear home owners talk about how it is to come to Deia to live.


Deia now and through the ages


The village is dominated by the Teix mountain which is one of the highest mountains on Mallorca. Fittingly, a settlement on this site can be traced back to pre-historic times, although a recognisable village really only began to take shape under the Moorish rule of the island between the 10th and 12th Century. Go on one of the many superb walking routes in Deia, or indeed the whole Tramuntana mountain range, and you will see the historic buildings spread across the rural landscape.

The latest census shows a resident population of just 840 people. Although being one of the smallest and remotest municipalities on the island, the area is widely regarded as being the cultural centre of Mallorca. Read more about the history and culture of Deia.

One of the first visitors to Deia was the Archduke Luís Salvador of Austria, who was responsible for the construction of many of the impressive manor houses in the area. Since then many notable figures from art, literary and music circles across the world have enjoyed time in Deia, and continue to do so. Read more about what Deia’s art society circles has to offer.

Deia is surrounded by terraces that have for centuries been cultivated with Olive, Orange and Lemon trees. Every apartment, house and finca is individual and distinctive, whilst blending in with the mountains and stunning coastline, making Deia without doubt the most beautiful, charming and secluded villages in Mallorca. The dramatic coastal views, excellent local cuisine and great places to hang out make it a firm favourite for those looking for an exclusive second home or main residence. Read more about Deia’s bars and restaurants.

For more knowledge on Deia, have a look at our Deia Guidebook.



Deia Properties


We have a stunning portfolio of Deia properties for sale. We also keep our eyes open for comfortable and luxurious rentals, and when a beautiful villa emerges in the area, we add it to our list of rentals listings. All these are spread across a number of sub-areas, like The Clot, Llucalcari, and Calabat. Follow the links to read more about Deia’s areas and see some examples of homes for sale and rent there.

For more information about villas, fincas and other homes in Deia and its surrounding areas, you can contact us directly.

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