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Deia Areas: Cala Deia


Cala Deia – natural beauty, good food and a rare rocky beach that is easy to use


There is nothing in Deia village – maybe even on the entire west coast of Mallorca – as popular as the cala. The rocky cove of Cala Deia, with its famous restaurants, daring treks and fantastic beach, attracts tens of thousands every year.


Ca La Dolors in Cala Deia
With Charles Marlow, you can stay in a holiday villa on the waterfront of Deia’s famous cala. One of these villas, Ca La Dolors, has 4 bedrooms, a jacuzzi and direct access to the rocky beach.


Visitors come from all over the world to visit Cala Deia. It’s one of the few coves on the West Coast with easy car access – but don’t be fooled. On a hot August day, you might want to come early as traffic will get messy. If you like a good hike, the cala can be reached on foot, just a 25-minute walk through the valley from Deia Village, over stiles and through olive groves. You can also do a much more daring walk, along the coast from Port Soller. That’s a good 3-4 hour hike, climbing fences, and walking narrow paths close to edges and cliffs. Not for children, that one!

You can also walk to the historic site of the Cala Deia watch tower. The tower is actually located within the property boundaries of one of our most exclusive rental villas which is not presented in our online portfolio. If you hike there, please respect their privacy and only visit the site shortly.

You can of course just rent the villa for yourself. Get in touch if you want more information.


That famous Cala Deia magic

Of course, that Cala Deia is more accessible than other Mallorca west coast calas is not the only reason people make the trip. This place possesses an all-weather charm: It is as beautiful during a winter storm, with waves crashing and salt-spray flying, as it is on a hot summer’s day. On those days the sea is still, clear and refreshing, and the cala assumes its photogenic green-blue Mediterranean color scheme.

One of the loveliest experiences is on a special night in June: Every year, on the eve of San Juan, celebrated in Deia as the village’s patron saint, the local community gathers in Cala Deia for a plate of trampó, a shot of warm rum, and a midnight dip in the sea, all to the sound of a live band, strumming some charming habanera music.


Living or staying in Cala Deia

In recent years, a number of homes have been built overlooking Cala Deia, some of which are available as holiday rentals, complete with swimming pool and all the modern amenities. Few such properties can be found so close to the sea on this stretch of coast, so these villa gems book out every year. Other than the two properties above, the villa of Sa Cala is also for rent with Charles Marlow.

Charles Marlow also have access to the best villas for sale in the Cala Deia area. One example is this sea front beauty.

There are also two great restaurants down at Cala Deia. Can Lluc is down by the beach and is the perfect spot for a seaside lunch or an afternoon drink. Perched a little higher above the sea is Ca’s Patro March, a delicious rustic seafood restaurant, which famously featured in the BBC drama series, The Night Manager. Ca’s Patro March gets booked out in advance during summer, making it necessary to book in advance.


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