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Covid-19 cancellation policy for Charles Marlow holiday rentals


The holiday and travel sectors are under a lot of pressure at the moment due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the insecurity that comes with it. That is why, on 13th March, Charles Marlow took the initiative to add some clauses to our contracts to create a Covid-19 cancellation policy. This way, our rental guests have better cancellation options.

Why do I need a special Covid-19 cancellation policy?

The Charles Marlow team together in Deia in early March 2020.
The Charles Marlow team together in Deia in early March 2020. 10 days later, travelling in and out of Mallorca was made impossible due to Spain’s state of emergency.

Many who thought they would be travelling in 2020 are now afraid of losing money or simply of the disease.

At Charles Marlow, we thoroughly understand these fears. Our regular strict cancellation policy can no longer stand alone given the circumstances of 2020.

Therefore, we have decided to add temporary clauses to our booking forms, the contract between us and our holiday guests. These clauses took effect on 13th March. Our hope is that this will give you the confidence to book a villa on The North West Coast of Mallorca or on the entire island of Ibiza in spite of the coronavirus outbreak.

If you booked a holiday in Mallorca or Ibiza before 13th March, we can’t change the legal terms for that. You are well protected by Spanish law, though. This is because Covid-19 is a ‘force majeure’ that has caused a state of emergency in Spain which was not expected at the time your booking was made. Get in touch for more information.

The three clauses in Charles Marlow’s Covid-19 cancellation policy

All our guests booking from 13th March and onwards – until further notice – will have the following clauses added to their booking forms:

Final payment

Normally, our guests have to wire the final payment (75% of the total price) 6 weeks prior to check in. This final payment is now set to be done 28 days prior to check in (4 weeks).


Cancellation prior to final payment

If you wish to cancel your trip due to Covid-19 up until 28 days prior to check in (so, prior to making the final payment), you can do so with a full refund.*


Rescheduling after your final payment

If you wish to reschedule your trip due to Covid-19 after making your final payment (so, within the last 28 days prior to check-in), you can do so without losing any money.* / **



*This only applies if there is a travel ban between your country and Spain (or Mallorca specifically), or if your country’s Foreign Office (like the FCO in the UK) is advising “against all but essential travel” or “against all travel” to Mallorca and/or Spain.

**Be aware that if you reschedule to dates that are more expensive than your original holiday dates, you have to pay the price difference.


Remember that if you have any questions or doubts regarding our Covid-19 cancellation policy, you can contact us for a chat or a video call to discuss in detail. We’d love to speak to you.

Book your holiday with confidence

Charles Marlow now offers improved cancellation and rebooking options on holiday rentals due to COVID-19. For more information, leave your details. You can also call us directly: 0034 971 636 427. If you wish to see an agent, we are happy to set up a video call.

Thank you for getting in touch.

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