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Locations / Soller

Locations / Soller


The municipality of Soller consists of two main parts; Soller Town and Puerto de Soller.

The area has a different feel to many other parts of the island with a strong French influence, even with the French language still being native for some locals. This stems from the fact that up until the early 20th Century it was easier for this town to trade and travel with France due to the large Tramuntana mountain range which separated Soller from much of the rest of the island. To a large degree this isolation was stemming the development of the region and a train line to Palma was finally opened in 1912 using the profits from predominantly the Orange trade – this on the same day the Titanic was sunk on its inaugural voyage. A year later and a tram connection was added to link up the Port and the Town; 4,868 metres long.

Take a visit to Puerto de Soller today and you will witness how this area continues to blossom. Distinguishable by its a horseshoe bay enclosed by two headlands lined by many shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. More recently the sea-front has been pedestrianised, making it ideal for a stroll along the Palm tree lined walkway. There is a well-maintained sandy beach that wraps round the marina, popular for sunbathing and swimming.

A little over 3km inland from the Port is the original old town of Soller, the tram “Orange Express” will take you on a scenic route winding up in the gorgeous large town square. There is year round vibrant life in what is one of the largest towns on the island. As is common in Spain there are many fiestas – most noticeably “Moros y Cristianos” where they re-inact a famous battle in 1561 where they overcame a Moorish invasion. Every Saturday it truly comes to life with a classic bustling market showcasing the amazing fresh produce that can be found throughout the island.

Soller is easily accessible from Palma and is within a short drive of Deia. Soller also boasts excellent schools and leisure amenities.

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