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Deia Areas: High Deia



High Deia – a prime location in the sun

Due to Deia’s position under a high and steep mountain rim, catching maximum amounts of sunlight is a big plus for a villa. The area known as ‘High Deia’, roughly reaching from La Residencia to the mountain torrent by the library, has that and much more.

Contrary to what you may think, High Deia’s nickname “The Sunny Side”, is somewhat flawful. Not because the area isn’t sunny – it very much is – but because Deia doesn’t really have sides. The name no doubt derives from the area’s position above the most busy part of the village’s main street, covering the lower part of the mountain to the north-east.

With a home in High Deia, you have all restaurants and shops within a few minutes walking. Mix that with the high amount of sun, and the result is an area with not just the highest average square meter value of Deia; it is one of the most valuable areas of the entire island of Mallorca. Some of the villas also proudly have partial sea views – which is hard to find that centrally in Deia. The biggest, most open sea views in Deia are found in the outskirts of the village though, in the area of S’Empeltada.

The most valuable square meterage in Deia

When the Ball family – who are currently running a luxury finca in the outskirts of Soller – initiated the construction of Deia’s famous 5-star hotel, La Residencia, they chose the location wisely. It gets a high amount of sunlight every day. And by facing south-west, it gets as much afternoon and evening sun as the mountains surrounding Deia permit. Some of the most elevated homes in High Deia actually get sunset views, although perhaps not quite as breathtaking as in areas like Ben’s d’Avall, Port Soller or Alconasser.

Still, there is no doubt that High Deia is among the most popular locations we offer at Charles Marlow. Luckily, several of our luxury rental villas in Deia – villas like Sa Tanca, Sa Llupia and Can Topa – are placed here. Get in touch on if you are interested in a rental in this area – we also have access to some privately listed rentals.

Sunset view from Sa Tanca luxury rental villa, Deia, Mallorca, for rent with Charles Marlow
From the front terrace of luxury rental Sa Tanca you occasionally get a stunning sunset on display above the mountain ridge on the other side of the valley. The villa also offers partial sea views, pool heating and much more. Sa Tanca is for rent all year round with Charles Marlow and Bros.


Historic value and a Michelin star

High Deia doesn’t just offer one of the Mediterranean’s finest hotels and one of Mallorca’s highest real estate values. It also has one of Deia’s oldest buildings in Can Fusimany which you can read about here.

Another feature of the area is that it holds Deia’s only Michelin-starred restaurant, Es Raco de Teix. Stroll down to the main street from a rental villa like Can Topa, and you will pass the restaurant on your left.

We do have a few villas currently for sale in High Deia, like Can Toniet, Es Balco de Teix and some privately listed places. Get in touch at for more information.

For more knowledge on Deia, have a look at our Deia Guidebook.


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