Ida Carlsson

Content and Marketing Manager

I moved to Mallorca back in 2011 with my partner. It had been a long dream of his to live in Mallorca, being a cyclist, and growing up in Sweden I had always wanted to live in a warm country. I quickly realised that it was not going to be all sunshine and palm trees, we arrived in winter and two months in, Mallorca had its first snow on the beaches in about 50 years. I was in shock! But when spring came along, I knew I would stay here for a long time. (This whole experience made me write a novel. It’s still in the drawers though. But one day I might try to do something about it!)

We quickly started up our own business, arranging training camps for triathletes. Since it wasn’t really my passion, I started to work in the real estate industry with graphic design and eventually everything related to marketing and advertising. I loved being able to use everything I learned when I studied Web Content Manager & Designer in the University of Borås in Sweden. In many ways, working in real estate felt like it would be a perfect match for me, developing both my photography skills and my passion for visuals. .

I never felt it was 100% right for me though. It was all about money and getting a high status in the real estate world. So, as my awareness of climate change and sustainability grew, I felt uneasy.

Ida Carlsson on The Charles Marlow Way

I then found the team of Charles Marlow. And when I joined in the summer of 2019, it was like coming home. I found out that not only do Charles Marlow share my visions and values, they take daily actions to follow through with their set intentions and objectives rather than just talk about it.

Having recently moved back to Palma after a few years in the countryside in the middle of the island, that feeling of coming home is even stronger. I’m going to be closer to both Andreas and Maria in our Mallorca team, and inspired by Charlie, I’ll attempt to incorporate the routine of early morning swims in the sea. This should be possible since I’m living 30 seconds away from the beach!

Taking Charles Marlow into the Future

I am so excited about our future and proud of being a part of Charles Marlow. Our journey to go green and to inspire the world of luxury real estate to become more sustainable and regenerative really speaks to me and who I am as a person.

I look forward to continuously growing with the team. Working with content, I am certain there will be many great stories to tell and many more fantastic villas to show. I can’t wait.


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